97 Base Brakes To Cobra Brakes

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  1. Hey everyone, so as we all know the stock mustang brakes suck. I found someone with a 97 cobra that is parting out his car. His has the full brake kit and was wondering what I take off of it to be able to use those and if I would need anything else to complete this job. I have 17" rims so I believe the rotors should fit. Also anything else you think I could use off of it let me know. Thanks
  2. And while I'm here asking this how hard would it be to do a motor and tranny swap to the svt to make the ultimate sleeper. Or at least just the transmission I would like to have a manual. If I wanted all of these parts would it be worth it to just buy the whole car and what would be a reasonable price for these parts.
  3. Front, calipers, caliper brackets, soft lines with banjo bolts, rotors and pads.

    Rear, backing plates (bolted to end of axle housing tubes), caliper brackets, rotors and pads.
    The rear calipers , dust shields and lines are the same.
  4. Thanks for the information. I have not contacted the guy yet so I don't know what he wants for anything. Any idea what is reasonable for all that?
  5. You'll need to change the master cylinder as well, however, 1997 cobra use hydro boost so it's not compatible with your vacuum boosted brakes.

    You'll need an mC from a 94-95 cobra and an adapter kit from max motorsports.

    You currently have a 1 1/16" mC. You need a 15/16" mC for the 94-98 Cobra brakes. If you don't change the MC, your pedal will be firmer and you'll leave a lot of performance off the table.

    New mC about $100 and adapter kit is about $30ish