97 Cobra - Leather Dye flaking off on Drivers seat- how to fix?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by calgarycobra, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. So I went down and bought a bottle of Mothers Leather Cleaner and one of Mothers Leather Conditioner. I spent 3 hours this past Sunday cleaning and conditioning the black leather in the cobra. I used a crap load of rags that were just brown with (what I think was ) dirt when I was done. Seats looked great and felt a little slick from the conditioner. All in all it seemed like a job well done.

    Today, I go to get in and I notice some small flecks where the dye has come off on the drivers seat. The 4-5 flecks are missing from creased areas on the seat bottom where just behind where my knees would be (ie: under my hamstrings when I am sitting).


    Any suggestions on how to fix this? Can I get dye or some sort of repair kit, or should I take it to a professional? The rest of the seats are in decent shape. TIA.
  2. Is this the same type of dye used in the steering wheel? My steering wheel is cracking all over and theres a ~1" x .5" spot where it completely flaked off. Looks horrible.

    Im thinking the only temporary solution is to take some kind of marker and color it in. If the materials on the seat are the same (which I bet they are) then maybe you could do the same? :shrug: It sounds like a lame plan though.
  3. I don't know what it is, but Ford (or their subcontractor) is/was using some cheap products apparently. I had the same problem with my 01 with just 10,000 mile on the clock. My wear was on the driver side, left side bolster on the actual seat back (high wear area).
    Since mine is still under warranty, they reupholstered my entire driver seat. So I can't complain too much, at least not about the dealer service.
  4. The driver's left-side bolster on my '01 vert is also showing premature wear, that I wasn't worried about --my warranty just expired, until reading these replies. At 59,980 km's I had my steering wheel replaced 'cause the surface of the leather-wrap had worn off for approx. 3" where my left hand usually rests. The wear happened very quickly --during a 3-week, 10,000 km road-trip, but I'm wondering if it was a chemical reaction to something on my left hand --it didn't happen where my right hand normally was.

    Anyway, back to the driver's seat. How many other '01 owners are having like problems??
  5. My 97 Black on black Cobra is doing the same thing with the seat and steering wheel as well. If I find out anything short of rewrapping the entire steering wheel and seats with new leather, I will let you know.
  6. The leather steering wheel on my car is rubbing off too, and it only has 4,000 miles on it! :nonono:
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  8. Looks like Ford definitely has a problem.
  9. I have had this same problem with the seats flaking on my 99 cobra and my 2000 Harley truck.
  10. Your seats can be Re-Dyed . When me and my wife went to buy a conversion van we found a beautiful van but were unhappy with the wear on the drivers side seat . The dealer was very accomodating and had an outside detailer come in and re-dye the seat . The guy did it with the seat still in the van . he used a sprayer hooked to a compressor and just sprayed it on . The seat looked like new and even smelled new. I'm sure a good auto detailer can point you in the right direction .