97 cobra new clutch installed after a couple miles clutch pedal stuck at top???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Cobra209, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I had a question about my new ram hdx clutch I installed in my 97 cobra I took it out for a drive right after driving 5 miles the clutch pedal got really hard and wouldn't go down I had to get a tow it was just stuck at the top very hard I thought would be the plastic stock quadrant so I bought the maximum motorsports clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster and so took out for a drive again and after driving it for about 8 miles I get to a stop sign and it does the same thing very stiff clutch pedal that won't go down ? I got a tow and took it home and the next day the clutch pedal went back to normal but I don't want to drive it because I have a feeling it will do it again any ideas what might be my problem would shift fine into gears until I drove it for a while that's when the clutch pedal got really hard at the top and wouldn't Want to go down ?
  2. didn't know our 96-98 had a hydraulic clutch ?
    sounds like the throw out bearing is binding up against the pressure plate , you might have to drop the trans again and check it out , you might be able to pull the rubber cover on the clutch arm and look in the with a light and mirror to see it thats the problem .