97 Cobra Supercharger Help

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  1. I found a vortec v1 Supercharger kitthats used obviously. Comes with all hardware, piping And mounting bracket
    It comes with
    -38 psi accel injectors
    -4in anderson race pipe
    -80mm map sensor
    -C and L air filter

    This is all thats stated on the post he wants 1500 for it
    Just want to know what I need to make this work on my stock 97 cobra. It was on a 02 gt. And if I can make it work what else do I need and can get to perform the best on my car. Seems to be in good condition.
    Here is the link
  2. I believe you need the bracket to mount the supercharger to your engine. Model specific bracket, also I don't see an intercooler, I don't think you need an intercooler on this model. But I also think v2's have oil lines to lube the sc. I'm just going off memory, some one will school us soon :p