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  1. For my 97 cobra I was looking online(american muscle) at suspension,since my car was already lowered when I got her I was looking at suspension upgrade (stock) I noticed that they will say for g.t. only(1996-2004) ,or irs cobra.I thought the 2003 or newer has the irs and not my 97 cobra.Since there are so many experts on here I just wanted to ask before I can order.Also any suggestions on a good brand of control arms thats cost effective?thanks in advance.:SNSign:
  2. Your model year cobra came with a solid axle - 99 and up cobras were equipped with the IRS.

    Most vendors will not differentiate between the solid axle cobras and solid axle gt when listing suspension parts (since they have similar suspension setups; ie - solid).

    Now, since your car was already modded, it might be a good idea to inspect underneath the rear of it to make sure the previous owner did not swap for a IRS - just to be on the safe side when ordering suspension parts for it. :)
  3. If you are doing suspension mods then you first need to know what you have. If you have cheap springs and KYB shocks then change them out. I put the Eibach Pro suspension kit on my 96 Cobra and it was the best feeling suspension I have ever felt on a Stang before. The ride was unbelievable and the handling was better then the Bilstiens the car had with the Eibach sportline springs.
    Downside was it was not as low as I would have liked. Now a key factor to a suspension working right is chasis stifness and bushings. Full length sub frames are a must! They are cheap and make the largest enhancment in the cars "feel". A strut tower brace does make a difference too. You can go all out and get a shock tower brace as well and that will triangulate all the bracing and make for a very ridged chasis :nice:

    The next step is good lower control arms. Get some MM or Steeda rear lower control arms to help with axle hop and to plant better in the corners. Dont worry about replacing the uppers unless their bushings are shot. If the bushings in the uppers are shot then get the FRPP uppers. Too stiff bushings that some other brands have cause suspension binding and hurt the handeling.

    A pan hard bar will also make the car much more stable in corners and much more predictable.
    In the front you will want a bumbsteer kit and offset rack bushings also help to keep the car going the direction you pointed it in rough corners.
    If your ball joints or front lower control arm bushings are worn then get the FRPP lower control arms. They are the 03/04 Cobra pieces and are much stronger then the stock ones and have all new bushings and ball joints pressed in already. You can find them all over, hell, I may have a set for sale soon and if so I will post them in the classifieds :shrug:

    Hope this helps :nice:
  4. Thanks for the great advice,I looked at the eibach system ,im gonna get that for sure but thats more of a want for now.Im taking her in to see if I need just a alignment or new ball joints.I found that pro system for around 700.00.She has eibach lowering springs and thats it from what I can see ,everything else looks stock.
  5. If it has the Pro springs then just order the shocks/struts but if it has the Sportlines then getthe kit. The Sportlines give a nice stance but are way to firm.
    If you post a picture of the car I caould prolly tell you which springs they are by the ride height. :nice:
  6. Hope this works.

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  7. If you are going with a Panhard bar, there is no sense keeping the UCA's. You should install a Torque Arm with it.
  8. It appears you have Eibach Sportlines but I may be wrong. Here is mine on Sportlines.
  9. nice car,I see a good deal at a.m. on eibach pro-damper reduced to 450.00
    She needs some tires next though,probably in july I will get the suspension upgrade and possibly a lower control arm.trying to slowly build her up for a vortech s.c. thanks for looking.now Its time to start saving the cash:D
  10. Here is mine w/ B springs which turned out nice.