'97 Cobra 'vert' or '05 GT

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    My '05 GT is on order. ($100 down and $500 over invoice). But I'm scared as hell of the payments. There's a beautiful, beautiful low mileage '97 Cobra convertable available around here for $14,000. About half the new car investment. And it probably won't depreciate as fast. Probably.

    What do you think?

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  2. wow 14 grand is a great price and the black looks sweet :nice:
  3. Wow that is a sweet black Cobra I would get the 97 Cobra instead!That's a great
    price also!
  4. drop the price on the cobra 2 thousand and get it

    car payments are a **** you don't want
  5. Get the cobra. Cheaper, similar hp/tq ratings :nice:
  6. Wow, I think I would go for the Cobra and wait for the S197 S/E's to come out. Tough choices ahead.
  7. If you can't afford the 2005 then get the other car. The 2005 rocks though ... no comparison.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the input. But now, tell me, is a convertable a good idea? Are they noticably heavier to drive or more rattle prone than the GTs?