97 Cobra vs 01 WS6

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  1. right but he was asking about 01 ws6 that is an LS1 and those are alot faster than Lt1' s
  2. Do you have a power adder I am not seeing? I hardly doubt you would own a modded LT1. My bolt-on LT1 ran low 13's @ 105-106 on street tires. Most bolt-on (modded) LT1's will run 103-108mph. If you run that well too then cool, but that would make you on par with most. If you think a CAI and catback LT1 is "modded", then you need to find other LT1's to race. My N/A modded LT1 will run low boost/nitroused cobras no problem. I just wanted to know what your opinion of modded is.
  3. hey guys...he's talking 400 crank hp its right here:
    "He's says he'll be pushing 400hp at the crank"

    the difference between 3.73s and 4.10s or 4.30s wouldnt decide the race, and he doesnt need 50hp to get to 400...figure 320rwhp = 376fwhp 400-376 = 24hp, that can be taken care of with just the lid...i had a 01 ws6 i wouldve raped my 96 cobra a new one...good luck to ya, you'll need it

    this debate comes up too often just search back you'll find a ton of mixed reviews. "if you get this tire you'll win, but if you have this you'll lose..." itll come down to the driver and circumstance, we cant tell you who will guaranteed win unless its completely lob-sided (sp?) like a modena vs a gt. and everyone please feel free to bicker that it wont make 320rwhp like i said, because i have plenty of stock dyno sheet links from guys on ls1 who make anywhere from 320rwhp-335rwhp.

    either way good luck to you, hope you win...give it hell :nice:
  4. I use to have a 99 hugger orange Z, actually would like a HO SS or even sunset but oh well.

    I nearly bought a 01 WS6 but the dealer was dumb and it still sits on their lot I found the better deal on my cobra.

    At any rate, you better get some nittos, you need to get him off the line and hope you can hold him off, its a top end car. If you can get some more work done to your car if not oh well, if he wins, oh well nothing lost over it.
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate the advice and encouagement. :nice:

    I'm getting as much work done to the Snake as my funds will allow, so I'm looking forward to see what happens.
  6. I should have made myself more clear....I have no problem beating lightly modded LT1's. After all, all I have is an X-pipe, Flows, and Gears, so comparing my car to a heavily modded 5.7L isn't that fair. I am sure I would have my hands full with an LT1 that had more than just intake/exhaust, and would get beaten by those with a handfull of mods. I have never lost a race to an LT1 in my life though, in either my Cobra or my old Supercharged Maxima.

    Again, not saying I am invincible to LT1's, or that they can't be made into monsters, just saying I haven't ran into one that has beaten me. As for LS1's...im scared of them. View attachment 525861
  7. [
    Again, not saying I am invincible to LT1's, or that they can't be made into monsters, just saying I haven't ran into one that has beaten me. As for LS1's...im scared of them. View attachment 525860 [/QUOTE]

    You shouldn't be afraid of LS1's you need a great set of drag radials from BFG and or nitto, control arms, SFC's and a 75 shot and you will walk past them my last race was with a 2002 WS6 M6 he was talking and hyping it all up and once we raised he was like :hail2: he managed to ge me out of the whole but by 2nd pulled on him and 3rd it was like 3-4 car lengths and pulling. he was like how come you were shooting flames out of your tailpipe? I just laughed and said dunno maybe that h-pipe...he also insisted that I was supercharged. I was like yeah right... so I had to pop the hood...

    LT1's I have not seen to many on the street around here in Riverside county that are fairly quick. I used to own a 96SS camaro it had loads of torque but no tope end this same 97 cobra would pass me in third by 2-3 cars. I know they have potential but just dont see them around too much.
  8. why are subframe connectors going to help you?
  9. I guess to avoid wheel hop? That's not my main problem though. It would be nice to get something to keep the car from going sideways on 1-2 shifts though.
  10. Thanks for responding. You came off as looking real cocky in the other post, but it seems as though you didnt mean too. I am not saying your cobra isnt quick, I am sure it is. All i was saying is that my intake/exhaust/3.73 LT1 ran low 13's, so bolt-on LT1's with the right components cant be that slow.
  11. sub frame connectors keep your car stable. doesn't matter if you road race or drag race. they run from your front frame rail to a main "bracket" just below the lower control arms, when you launch or shift it gives more stability "hook" esp on convt.
  12. I had a 97 Cobra vert that I traded in on my 01 WS6. It is a big difference between the two. The Cobra had 4.10s, the WS6 stock and the WS6 is considerably faster. I've had one run down the track so far and it ran 13.41 @ 109.46 on a 2.3 60'. It was a horrible night at the track, leaving at idle. (wet starting line) You'll have to get him off the line good or he will come back on the top end.
  13. "Oh, two things... he's got an auto and it won't be on the track. We're taking a trip to FL with some friends this summer and it's just our cars making the trip."

    Just give me a call when you get to Florida and I'll put a whoppin on him for ya! Just for kicks :nice:
  14. Big brother coming to help out the little brother :)
  15. Just like the LT-1 LS-1 world I guess. Big Bro always tends to step in eh?
  16. I wouldnt know. i take care of my own a$$ stompings.
  17. damn lt1's arent dogs either. mainly torque monsters. and i know of plenty n/a ls1 thatll eat a modded 03 cobra. im not trying to give myself a bad name im just saying
  18. Thanks man! :nice:

    BTW, I'll have a vid of how everything went down when I get back from FL. So... you guys will see what happened.

    If some things come together like I'm hoping they will I just might have a surprise for my buddy and his TA. :banana:
  19. Just run it. You will be surprised, people talk so much crap about the LS1s. Yes, they are powerfull and they are very quick, but you can destroy with your mods (at least you should).

    I just have a 99 Cobra with a few mods and they get destroyed!

    Check out this few pics of this pass SAT over here in Germany:




    Overall, 4 LS1 got killed along with a 2 fellow 99 Cobras (one of them ProCharged), and a Turbo 3.0 BMW that was killing all the street cars there.

    Here is a quick video of when I got killed by a 97 Vobra with a BUNCH of mods and 4.30 gears. I pulled on him passed the 1/8 but then his MPH came into play and got killed!

    Naz Getting Killed

    Lots of fun!