97 Cobra w/ rebuilt title

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  1. I am looking at a 97 cobra with 70K miles, 5sp, lthr, mach460 ect.. I have been lurking in the market for a while now and I really like the car. The current asking price is around 6k for it b/c it has a rebuilt title, is this a good price or should I pay the extra thousands and get one with a clear title? Sorry for all the questions but I am really considering buying this car tomorrow or monday.
  2. Find the history if it, salvaged usually means it's bee totalled and rebuilt so I can be roadgoing again. Most accidents can never be completely fixed like bent chassis, squeeking, crappy rebuilding. If you do look over it and TRY to find out what happened to it.

    I wouldn't buy it for more than 4K, 97 Cobra's (clear title) are going for 8-9K, I would go half of that because it's half a car

    Also, if you want the car and have no plan on selling it, by all means get it (after you're done looking over it)
  3. thanks

    I am thinking I can prob get the car for around 5k. Will carfax tell me exactly what happened to it. The lady told me the engine was rebuilt therefore it has a "rebuilt" title.
  4. Carfax only gets reports from dealers, auto shops and anyhting to do with the state. Carfax doesn't show everything done but atleast it will give a good idea what some of the history was. If it was in a accident and a officer recorded the incident it would be on the carfax.

    Sounds like the lady is pulling your chain, If an engine is bad and gets replaced the title doesn't get changed. Or she just don't know any better
  5. 5k seems pretty reasonable to me... If it looks nice and runs good. I think the motor, trans, and ecm are worth right around 4k just by themself.
  6. the engine crank, and bare block are only things worth while, the T-45 sucks and can't hold high power, the B heads flow too high and have no low end, the ecu is a different story
  7. I dont think she is trying to pull my chain b/c she was upfront about it before I really showed an interest in the car, I think she just saw "rebuilt" on it and assumed it was the engine.