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  1. Im throwing out there my 97 Cobra.....as much as i hate to. if the right person comes along with the cash i will sell it, no big thing if i dont sell it. i will try to remember everything done to it. i bought it just the way it is......

    battery in the trunk
    4.10 gears
    tranny rebuilt (i did that)
    jlt cold air
    mac upper and lower rear control arms with urethane bushings
    eibach pro kit springs with urethane isolators
    clutch quadrant
    bbk adjustable clutch on the fire wall
    bbk camber caster plates
    king cobra clutch
    urethane motor and tranny mounts
    A-pillar guages
    pro 5.0 shifter
    bassani o/r X pipe and tail pipe with flowmaster 40's mufflers
    subframe connectors
    it has an msd d.i.s 6 ign box but wasnt hooked up when i got the car and still isnt hooked up. not even sure if it works?
    cobra R hood (i put that on)
    saleen s-281 spoiler (i think?) its not a cobra spoiler
    has a fuel pressure guage under the hood
    mac stainless pedals
    pro flow 80mm mass air
    im sure im missing some stuff and i will add if i remember. tires are good and the wheels have minor chrome peeling off.
    blows hot air and ice cold a/c
    everything in the car works....cruise control, lighted mirrors, mach 460 system, power windows/locks. electric drivers seat.

    the bad....
    the clear coat on the front bumper and spoiler is peeling and the paint on the roof, deck lid, and rear bumper is faded. dont let this scare you at all it still looks really good! and has one tiny ding in the drivers door. like someone shot it with a bb gun..... very small
    the speedo gear in the cluster broke right when i got the car....it reads 68xxx and i only put about 5k miles on the car since i owned it. and i have changed the oil 3 times!
    the carpet is somewhat sun faded and the leather seats are in great shape except for one little hole on the drivers seat from getting in and out.
    the electric rad. fan just took a crap but have one just havent put it in.

    like i said dont let the bad scare you just trying to be as honest as i can. the car runs like a top and never had an issue with it. i would drive it to cali and back and not think twice about it. i actually got the car from a guy on here but cant remember his user name but i have his cell number. i carfax'd it before i got the car and its clean. im the third owner and it originally came from florida. im asking 7,500 and i wont travel to meet. sorry dont have time. no trades or tire kickers. i will try to put up some pics. you can reach me on my cell at 814-598-2077 for more info or certain pics you want of the car.

    sorry about the crappy pics....taken with my cell phone, and they were taken before i put the cobra R hood on. and as you can see the bads really arent bad at all!

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  2. 7500 OBO
  3. Do you have the stock hood?
  4. sorry man i dont
  5. location?? mileage??
  6. i live in east smethport, pa. 16730. im not exactly sure on the mileage cause the gear in the cluster broke right when i got the car. it reads 68xxx and i probably only put about 5k on it if that. so it probably has around 73k.
  7. Cobra

    Ever get it to the track?Any times with it?
  8. no i havent had to the track at all. my guess it would run mid 12s to high 12s. i think the 4:10s would kill it in the 1/4.
  9. price drop...$6500 firm
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