97 Ford Thunderbird 4.6 (front suspension)

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  1. I know this isnt a thunderbird forum but there isnt that many out there with any traffic... So im sorry if theres a prob plz delete.. Thanks.

    Ok.. so two different incidents happend with the suspension.. first the ball joint on the lower control arm, breaks. Tow tuck driver brings it home and in the process doing so breaks the swaybar links, upper control arm with ball joint... i mean everything.

    I changed every part in that front end, bushings all. Did a half ass alignment in my driveway, drove it.. Drove like a dream..

    OK... well this is where it gets bad. I hit a snow drift around a corner and ended up creaming a decent size mail box. I drove it home with the wheel pulling to the right incredibly.

    Jack it up and the lower control arm is bent right back, changed it. When i go to instal the strut rod and bushings the busing were so smashed in i changed them AGAIN tightened that up.. seems pretty tight.. start it up go for a 2 sec ride up my drive way doing the same thing. Everythings tight everything looks perfectly straight. I dont get it.

    Please somebody try to help me out i had 3 half way decent mechanics loook at it and they are dumb founded.. Im not stupid with cars eather and at am a loss unless the frame is bent. Strut rod bushings that mount to the frame dont look so hot but dont see why that would make so much of a difference.

    Any help is much appreciated.. Dont have much money at all and cant take to a garage.
    Honestly I beleive pictures wont do any justice... Been working on this thing in the freezing cold in a dirt driveway for 3 days now... nothing looks bend only thing I REALLY didnt check out in inner tie rod. I have no money to take this thing to a front end specialist... I changed upper control arm/w ball joint, lower control arm/w balljoint, strut rod bushings, outer tie rod, strut, and sway bar links. only thing that seems kinda weird is that the sway bar iteself seems a little closer to the shock then it was originally... Im dumbfounded... About to junk the car and the car is a nice automobile
    . Also when I adjust the strut rod up and down the end of it where the bushings are turn weird. Last time no matter how I turned it the bushings atleast stayed somewhat straight.

    Steering wheel is straight.. seems awesome for about 2 feet and all of asudden pulls hard to one side(only that wheel) making the whole front end slide sideways(one way)
    Thank you very much.