97 mustang head gasket problem maybe?

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  1. well i bought a 97 mustang and he said he had thermostat and water pump and gasket replaced... problem is what he said that it spews radiator fluid out when cap is off.. it dosen't turn over so head gasket sounds right.. but i needed to get some ideas before i tear it apart ..I seen all the reciepts of all these things donr and can see the new gaskets on water pump and such.. .. he said it was the right top pf head gasket that needs replaced... if you are looking at it from front its the right if you were in the car it would be left side .. i just need some ideas before i tear it apart.. pleasee help .. very very appreciated hopefully i get some replys before i start tearing it apart... but from everyone ive asked this sounds right .. thank you.... nick
  2. Time to do some tests

    What do you mean it doesn't turn over? is the engine siezed!

    If you can turn the engine over I would perform a leak down test or at least a compression test to verify where the leak is or if infact there is a head leak!

    Overflowing coolant with the cap off could be from a blockage somewhere in the cooling system. Try to flush out the coolant system, remove all hoses & backflush the radiator, heater core & engine block if a blockage is suspected. When you drain the system the coolant should be translucent green, if brown or riddled with rust, definately you need a thorough cooling system flush.

    If you have a slight leak in the head gasket & it is leaking into the cooant system you will likely get small " champagne' bubbles in the radiator whilst the engine ticks over, maybe a film of oil will be floating in the coolant. Another possibility is whitish :'milk shake' in the oil. Yet another possibility is clouds of steam coming from the exhaust, although this more than likely indicates a leaking intake gasket.
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  3. What years of these V6 Ford Mustangs had problems with
    blowing headgaskets?
  4. V6 94-95 are known to have this problem. Looking at mustang message boards '96 to '98 are prone to it as well.

    From my own experience with a V6 '95 model, a blown head gasket means thick "milky" engine oil, misfire in one or several cylinders, overheating engine. If this condition lasts for some time and you keep running the engine you'll see clouds of white smoke from coming out of the tail pipe.
  5. A bad or blown head gasket won't stop a car from starting. Aeroman asked the question of the day: Is the engine seized? Are you saying the engine doesn't turn or that it turns but the engine doesn't fire. There is a big difference. If the engine has overheated, this could lead to a multitude of mechanical problems. Did this guy tell you if it overheated? He could have had a bad bearing in the water pump or a plugged radiator but even that would not stop the car from starting. Before anything, check your fluids. Look for the signs Aeroman mentioned. If it appears to be a blown head gasket, go ahead and replace it. Actually, if you are going to do one, do both. Then, check the spark to ground to see if you are getting spark. Sounds like there are other issues here than just a blown head gasket.
  6. And thinking about it a little more, not sure why he replaced the water pump gasket as the pump usually goes bad before the gasket does. Not too sure who was working on his car there. Listen, Nick, let us know what you mean by engine not turning as that will be a big indicator. I am almost positive you mean it won't turn over completely (fire) but only you know that.
  7. well if you seen how much radiator fluid was in these heads .. it was for sure the reason it would not start changed head gasket and plugs and it fired right up no backfire mis fire or anything.. sounds great...
  8. Hydraulic lock! that would stop it turning over, that would be a huge leak.

    Did you get the head surfaces checked for flatness or damage? or was the problem related to the head gaskets?
  9. Well, hopefully you don't have a cracked/broken jacket.
  10. by not turn over i meant start... jackets are fine.. it was perfect when i put it all back together other than the intake manifold bolts i broke.. so i went and got a used head.. noww i got to disassemble it aagain.. well actually just the head.. everything else is off..
  11. So I just replaced the head gaskets on my 97 V6. Check out the video if you still need help. I'll try and answer any questions you might have.