97 V6 exhaust question

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  1. Ok guys, I know that this has been talked about alot, but I still haven't exactly got what the best performance/sound exhaust for the price around is. If anyone can help me out with this, it is greatly appreciated. I want to have one of the best sounding v6's around, where people will mistake for a v8. I get to get some for x-mas so I was going to ask you guys before I made my decision.

    Thanks for the future references, and sorry about the repeating threads!!

  2. ok..first...it will NEVER be mistaken for a v8...there just isn't enough there to push it...trust me on that..I had a couple of exhausts on my car when it was a 6...sounds nothing like an 8...

    if you want a good sounding exhaust...just get yourself an off road pipe and some flowmasters...I know everyone has them, but it sounds pretty good on a 6....

  3. I was thinking about running 2.5" pipe from the headers straight out to flowmaster 40 series dual chamber mufflers. Do you guys think I should dump it or leave tips on??
  4. I would leave the tips on it? Would the sound be any different if you dump it?

  5. Yeah it sounds different, and some people like the way it looks better.
  6. Well I like the chrome tips, but hey it's your money. So do what you want to do.
  7. you need an X pipe on there or it will sound ricey

  8. Actually it will sound more ricey if you put a x-pipe on it. X-pipes make the exhaust a higher pitch, h-pipes are more deep, but for V6's you don't need either one. Its practically a waste of money.
  9. In case you were wondering, those pipes don't give the horsepower increase on V6's like it does on V8's.
  10. what do you know newbie
  11. Ok man did I say anything bad about you? I don't think so. You don't have to be a prick about it
  12. You really can't call him a newbie, he could work a Ford Motor factory and just have found this forum a week ago.

    Anyway, I would say its a waste of money, even if it doesn't make loud noises, it makes the car look a lot better.
  13. If I remember correctly, H and X pipes are unnecessary because our 6 expels exhaust evenly from each cylinder bank, therefore negating the purpose of the crosspipe. They do make your car sound different, but serve no performance purpose.

    Oh, and 6's CAN sound pretty dang good at low RPMs but you will never be mistaken for an 8 up high. Most 6's I've heard sound terrible up top, so don't get your hopes up.
  14. H & X pipes are a waaste performance-wise. You may want to go either with nice fat 3" pipes that will help keep the pitch down on the exhaust, or you could just dump the 2.5" pipe where the sound will rebound off the road and create a slightly different note.

    I think dumping it would help the sound in that it helps echo the sound somewhat, but straight pipes would be slightly louder.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I think i'm just going to get the 2.5" pipe all the way from headers to mufflers without connecting in the middle, and I think I will leave the tips on there and see if I like it that way and if not then I will dump it.
  16. I have a 94 v6 and was also interested in dual exhast. I was thinking about going with dynomax though. I know for some reason flowmasters are a must for stangers, and I just dont understand why. I mean you all have your reasons for choosing, so dont feel like I'm putting you down for youre choice. I just want to know whats best for me. I want the most performance out of this upgrade. I could care less what it sounds like. To tell you the truth, I WILL NOT get flowmasters just because of that fact. I dont want my car to sound like I'm at a drag strip when I'm backing out of my driveway. Those rice rockets with fart cans that everyone hates are just as annoying as a vehicle with flowmasters. Yes, its deeper, but still will wake me up in the middle of the night. And sounds like everyone here is after the sound. Which, isnt that why rice rockets get those fart cans in the first place? to have that sound? Might as well run around town with no muffler at all, I say.

    Anyways, Im sure you all will tell me about how flowmasters increase my HP somehow, but my mind is already set against those. What is the best option I have for performance. It can be a little louder, just not something that will piss off everyone in a five mile radius. My car already turns heads, I dont want them to do it for the wrong reason.
  17. Pretty much any performance muffler will give you HP increases. The only difference in them is the sound and slight quality differences. Being that these mufflers are going on mostly stock V6's, they all pretty much give some sort of distinct tone from the stock sound.

    Flowmasters are not that loud on a basically stock V6 Stang. That's what I have on now. They sound pretty good, and not ricey at all IMO.

    No one is going to tell you that you HAVE TO GET Flows. Get what you want according to your taste. Then let us all know how they perform and sound. :nice:
  18. Well, like I said, ricey is a loud obnoxious HIGH pitched noise. The Flows are much much deeper. Whenever I see a flowmaster sticker, its never on a v6 anything. Apparently theres no reason to be a poser about something like that. So the people with the stickers I see, are the SS camaros, the big big trucks, and other such things that already have enough HP, why be greedy? If you wanna piss people off in the morning, why not get a 100000watt amp and subs?

    Its just that it seems that every mustang forum I go to people swear by them, Its like other brands don't even exist because no one ever talks about them. I just wanna know whats out there
  19. GT take offs
    Spin Tech
    Kenny Brown

    for starters...

  20. If all you are looking at is hp numbers, then Magnaflow is the hands down winner.....there is a reason why companies like Roush and Saleen use them on their cars.....

    The 1st and 2nd place winners of the Hot Rodding Magazine Engine Builders Shoot out for the last 2 years also swear by them....as they both said they made more hp with Magnaflows then Flowmasters......

    I can go on and on, but you get the point.

    Sound is all opinion of course.