98/3.6 Problem Starting Warm. Oil And Idle Bounce While Idle.


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Apr 11, 2017
Howdy! First post here!

I have a problem with my niece's 98 Stang. When it gets warm, sometimes the idle will freak out and act like its going to die. Same time the oil "gauge" freaks out and starts bouncing! That happens at lights or parked. After we start driving it, that goes away tho.

Once parked and return to the car after 10-15 mins or so, it is sometimes hard to start or wont start at all! (it will after cooling off. )

It ONLY happens warm, which is odd to me.

She says it seems to only happen when the gas tank is UNDER half full. I made sure to double check that with her. Another odd thing.

Also says no "Theft light" is blinking at any time.

I told her to check the fuel reset button in the trunk, and she will get back with me on that, but if thats bad, wouldn't it NEVER start at all?

The only code it throws is... crap.. I forget, but its the one saying it has a vacuum leak possibly. We think its the leaky/grimy valve covers that I don't want to mess with tho. And it shouldn't affect the No Start issue,... RIGHT? lol

I've replaced the coils, wires, plugs, AND got a stealership Fuel Pump in it after original died a few years back.

Dad keeps thinking its the pump again, but it didn't display this behavior before, and it seems to me its some kinda electrical fault. Maybe a relay or control module?

I've searched the intertoobs and found nothing exactly like what this is doing, so I turn to the experts here!

I should get the car Fri afternoon to run tests etc, so what should I look for? I do have a code reader that can give some real time info btw, but it only throws the above code, nothing for PCM, ECU, etc..

BTW, I'm an old VW bug guy, that moved into Civics. Rebuilt several engines, and fixed several things on the family fleet of varying heritage, but this has us all stumped!

Thanks all!
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Apr 11, 2017
Well, she didn't listen to me, and instead of letting me have it all weekend, she took it to a Stealership, where they charged her $150 and still didn't figure it out.

They did say the O2 sensors were out, and the pump was working perfectly the whole time.

The codes we got (they didn't give her any, or she or dad didn't ask for them) from before this, were:


Now, these relate to the purge valve and the O2s, but if that would cause the hard start problems, you would think the dealer would know that.

He did say that he had this once before, but didn't remember what caused it, or the cure of course..

Thanks, hope someone can help for next time I get the car to look at!
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