`98 Cobra exhaust poll long tube or shorty?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JL_Tampa, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. I just purchased a this car it is my first 4.6.
    I've had 5.0's and 5.4sc's in the past.
    But I need to know what the best exhaust set up would be for the 4.6 4v.
  2. come on guys longtube or shortys for 1/4 on a `98 Cobra I need input.
  3. definitely long tubes... they will be a PITA to install but its a worthy mod
  4. thanks 96. the x pipe also seems to be the way to go?
  5. I like the sound of an H pipe, so I went with that...both an X or H will make good power. But stick with the Long Tubes...they are a PITA to install though-
  6. It depends, are you willing to deal with a harder install and a much harder tranny or clutch swap in the future for a few more ponies?
  7. Bassani Mid-Lengths, Bassani o/r X-pipe, Bassani Street Competition Catback would be the ultimate in power gains and sound IMO. God it would sound [email protected] so damn beautiful View attachment 522136
  8. If you have emissions testing in your area, you'll have to get shorties. Long tubes require the removal of the pre-cats so they are not legal.

    If you have the option, go for long tubes from jethot. They are spendy but worth every penny. The long tubes help low-end and the coating will last a long time, which is a plus because no one likes changing headers on a 4.6L.
  9. No emissions tests here LT and No cats in my future.

  10. Umm BBk makes long tubes with short x pipes and cats. I ahd them on my gt with 02 extensions, no probs at all, but on my 99 Cobra I will be going Long tubes with off road x or h, into my magnaflow catback