98 Cobra Hood Clearance

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  1. My 98 Cobra is a twin turbo. The air intake is just about an inch too tall for the stock Cobra hood. I really like the original hood style. If I had to go with a different style, it would probably be the Stalker 2. Regardless, I'm looking to see if anyone knows a replacement hood that is the original Cobra style but with an inch or two more clearance. Carbon fiber is OK too.
  2. 3 options you could do:

    1. Purchase hood and there is a company out there who makes the stock 96-98 hood but I can't think of the name right now but it's raised 1-2 inches.
    2. K member spacers
    3. Shims for the hood
  3. Yeah, I thought I found a place in Irving, TX that did exactly that, but when I called they acted a bit dumb founded about it. I'll keep searching.
  4. I saw a 96 Cobra on Craigslist that had the cowl hood with the Cobra vents. Very nice but I can't find it now. Or you could try the Cobra R hood.