98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. Time to eat,............my words.

    Working at Carmax, a bunch of traded in stuff streams across our wholesale lot. Today, a black 5 speed 98 w/ 116k, and a yellow 6 speed 03 w/ 89k are sitting there,....waiting to be liquidated through our wholesale auction one week from tommorrow (unless one of us buys it first)

    The 98 is hurt. Seems like it has a hurt cylinder (runs, but idle is burnt valve lumpy) Either the front two seats are stock black leather and the rear cloth has been swapped in, or vice versa, either way they are a mess. ( the driver seat is hagged, and the passenger seat looks like a 90 year old woman) The rear has this funky cloth pattern that was probably stock, other than that, the interior is good -to very good depending on which way you look.. The clutch has definitely been replaced, and it is mega stiff. Tires are great, body is great, and the only mod is a CA kit and some dumb, loud ass, ground draggin' 3" exhaust. The A/C does not work. Steering was dodgy. And,...I have the Ranger,...so I could drive that while I figure out how bad f'd up the 98 is

    The cons are obvious,...I gotta mechanical engine problem, an untolerable clutch,.the interior needs work, and it has a stupid gay la faire 3" exhaust almost dragging the road.
    Ohh,.....and it's the Jerry's kid of mustang body styles,.....a first gen SN 95.

    The pro's are equally obvious (to me at least). Tired and hurt, but mostly unmolested Cobra.
    4 valve 4.6, A black cobra w/ a 7 outta 10 stock paint job on an undented rust free body, w/ a great, clean floor.
    $3615.00 It could be mine tommorrow.

    The 03 is "that yellow". 89k on the ticker,..the interior is way better than the upper car, grey suede middles against black leather side panels. It does have the same OHH MY GODD! clutch pedal as the 98, and the rear bumper has seen a few too many uhh,.......obstacles. The paint on the rear bumper will have to be redone. Other than that the body is also very good, and free from the the ravages of living in the north. The wheels are some black 5 spoke w/ massive rear rubber ( like 315's or somethin) Then there is that supercharger.....the 6 speed.....and that cool ass I.R.S.:drool:

    The best looking of the three ugly step children of Lee Ioccoca, I could grow to like the car.

    But it's 11,415.00. I'd have to find somebody willing to finance it.
    (fat chance)

    I said I hated SN 95,...and never gave the poor little red headed dork-mobile any credit. But w/ the Cobra emblem enblazoned across the rear bumper,.....it has a certain credibility.

    Honestly,...I don't know why I'm comparing the two,..the one car is really out of reach.....just thought I'd spice the place up. .
  2. The 98 should have the good teksid block as well.

  3. 98 all the way. But Im not sure my opinion is worth much around here anymore :jester:
  4. Its hard to take you seriously when your car is upside down and smoking.
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  5. Looks like speed racer is wrong side up with an "OH SHEET" expression too! Lol
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  6. Terminator FTW lol I love me some 03-04 cobra. Can't afford one, but I drive one in my dreams
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  7. 98. Cheaper, and it's a more perfected 1st gen sn95.
    Plus, it's pretty solid on the body.

    It seems clear the other cobra is just out of reach, and you're more of a project guy. The 98 seems more like a project than the new edge.
    I'm a bit bias, because I don't love the new edges. But really, 11 grand for that just isn't worth it.

    3000 on a cobra 98 is a deal most any day.
  8. I vote for the '03

    ....and a much....MUCH shorter signature. No need for a detailed account of your entire vehicle history. I think you might have forgotten a bicycle or two you had as a kid in that list somewhere?!? Hotlinks FTW!!! :chin
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  9. 11-something for a Termi is an absolutely smoking deal. It may be a little high for your current car budget, but you just don't find them that low out in the wild. I'm not much for yellow though.

    The '98 makes me nervous. Unless you really feel the motor isn't hurt toooo bad, I'd be scared to buy it.
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  10. Terminator all the way, at that price your still way under book and can find Simone to finance it. A buddy of mine works for Dodge and he just found someone financing for a 93 greenwood vet. Needed gap insurance though.

    Regarding the yellow paint, re-paint when you rip out the motor. which you know you will
  11. as much as i hate most 03-04 owners... i love 03-04 cobras
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  12. Another vote for the 03. As long as the motor is good you have a rock solid platform. I like the new edge style over the SN95 anyway.
  13. Even though i hate that yellow on the 03 cobra, for 11k, i would do whatever was possible to own it if i were looking for another car. The 98 sounds like a basket case, and by the time you sink a ton of money into it, if you sell you will take a loss. Where as with the 03 cobra, you could probably sell it for 18 or 19k pretty easy tomorrow.

    I dont think you should buy either though, your book of a signature already drives me nuts, and it cant get any longer...
  14. Both. Easy peasy.
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  15. I'd buy the 03 simply to try and turn a quick profit, not a chance I'd willingly drive that color yellow for long.
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  16. Buy both and part out the '98.
  17. Fixed. :D
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  18. Even better! :nice:
  19. Your opinion is highly valued,.......as long as you don't try to convince me to remove the engine, put a turbo'd JY LS-3 into it, and remove all of the inner fender panels.

    For 11,500.00 I'll drive one for real.:banana:

    I agree, but trying to sell the wife on another potential dismantled garage hog is a tough sale. The true objective is to have a car that won't have to be a "project" to make it the way I want it.:nice:

    Noted on the vote,....ignored on the recommendation to shorten the sig. I already edited it for the times I actually owned the same car over again, and rebuilt certain race cars w/ different combos, GM content, ( adds another 10+ cars) motorcycles,..(5 total) bicycles,...4 of those,...and all the years I spent on foot before that.:jester:

    I'm never scared of what I'd have to do to the powertrain,.....I dread finding holes in the floors,doors, fenders where the orange demon has settled in. (not a problem w/ either car though).

    That S/C sitting on the engine has me all :drool::drool::drool:. Never had a car w/ 500 HP factory,...never.

    as do I.

    I was put on Earth to drive you nuts. :crazy:
    Seriously, if you saw the 98,....you wouldn't think it was so far gone,...it's actually pretty decent. As long as the engine isn't hurt,...1500.00 would make it good enough for me to make the sat night cruise-ins. and I'd add it to my sig,...but if I got the yellow car...all I'd have to write was '03 COBRA.

    The long and short of it is that my credit union will finance both. (the 98 for 36 mos,...the 03 for 48) You know they're both good deals when they would finance up to 8500 on the 98,...and 17,500.00 on the terminator..(even more if it was badged w/ 10th year anniversary emblems)
    I'm going for the yellow car. I'll know tommorrow. I haven't even driven either one yet though,...maybe I'll hate them............................................doubt it though.
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