98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. Oh noes he dih-ent! :urmom:

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  2. Who the hell is Kilgore,........and what happened to my Mustang Ownership History?
  3. Looks like you got cyber-:owned:
  4. Only by the grace of my circumstance did I stumble across this deal. I have already watched a Mach 1 , a GTO, a few Vettes, a couple of "maros, and several standard GT's pass by, this time the opportunity was too good to ignore.

    Yeah,....SSSir will do for now.

    Until I name myself from the "book of names to set yourself above the standard din of the rest of humanity".
  5. Pics or it didn't happen.
  6. Yeah,....We all know who actually walks around, head skimming clouds, stepping on the rest of the helpless grovel like so many menial insects.

  7. Kilgore Trout

    I put it in a secure place for you until you find a nice safe place to hotlink it from. Don't want anyone stealing any of those previously owned vehicles now, do we? Someone could walk by and snag one from that big laundry list of yours and you wouldn't even know it :D

    I don't write the Terms of Service Bro. You should read them sometime. All kinds of weird rules in there?!? :)
  8. I should wear goggles. :cool:
  9. You both just wait for me to come in to actually demonstrate what not to do,........don't you?
  10. Nah, you're cool.
  11. Actually, I just screw with you because I appreciate your sense of humor (or lack thereof) and can take a joke. :p
  12. Noobz, I guess they feel they have to be jerks to justify paying anywhere from 5k to 20k for some body part kits, a shifter, some cool fender stickers that say 'ROUSH" and the same blower you can get for 1/2 what they charge. Plus Jack Roush is a MAJOR A hole.

  13. With few exceptions I'd always considered them an example of what NOT to do.
  14. Good work going for the Cobra. If you would have bought the Cobra, I would have been disappointed, but since you bought the Cobra now I can be happy.

    P.S. I started fabbing my heat extractor hood tonight, and realized that you really do have an awesome skill set to build what you did with your old Mustang. Its not nearly as easy as it looks (granted I have no real tools for the job, and just make do.) Kudos to you fine sir. Too bad you sold it, but at least now you have a sweet new ride to take its place.
  15. Mike you are going to love it - after having mine since last June, I'll never go back to a NA Mustang.

  16. REALLY? Is that a,.....a,.....a compliment? Why thanks Nick, I'm all misty.

    Seriously. It was just one of those things I thought I could do. I'd certainly never hacked up a Fox before,...so I couldn't say I had the skills, and all I used was a Sawzall, a 4.5" grinder, and some tin snips, so again,...I really didn't have any special tools. I was lucky it turned out decent enough to be as well liked as it was. ( for those that liked it) And it is too bad I sold it,...I'm sure it'll be like bumping into an old girlfriend at the cruise-ins this summer.
    Thanks for sharing,....I can't wait. Although I've only been in it for 10 minutes,..There's no doubt that driving that thing will be a blast.
    Now that I know that you have one, expect me to tag you w/ a few questions as well.;)

    We'll see how my new romance goes w/ my new metal wife. (I'm pretty sure I'll love it). BUT,...I have to be real careful around the one made of skin for the next few months,....so I'll just clean it up for now.;)
  17. it gave you a stiffy didnt it!

    no... you know how to turn a wrench. you wont fit in
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  18. Ohh that's right......Whew!:banana:
  19. Troofs... I forgot about that aspect of it. :chin

    I suppose though.... that you could still call someone to do all the work for you. :shrug:

  20. to keep mikes hardon going for a bit longer