98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. So I'm pokin around the car,..lookin at the stuff you really don't pay that much attention to,...i.e. glovebox, console, trunk,...and Ding! Ding! Ding! there's a prize in each compartment. It just keeps getting better.

    The glove compartment has a smaller pulley for the blower,....the console has a Hand held SCT programmer, and the trunk,.......2 additional 17 x 9 wheels the same style as the 4 currently on the car. :banana:

    The wheels currently on back must be 17 x 11's????? the tires on back are 315 series Nitto 555's,.... so they have to be that wide I'm guessing. The 17 x9's are the ones that used to be on back.

    On a down note: I might have a little wait until Cmax gets the title back from the previous lien holder before I can go to my credit union (maybe as much as two weeks). The only comfort I can take in that is I walk by the car every day to get back on the lot,...so I know where it is.
  2. You could start a build thread with a pic of a dirty yellow Cobra and then like wash it and post a pic and then like wax it and post a pic..It would be your shortest build thread ever. :hide:
  3. I can see it now!

    The last shots would be of the clean freshly painted and waxed rear bumper. :nice:
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  4. Back when I was at a toss up from my new 5.0 and a sick '03 Cobra, the owner of the Cobra had the stock rears widened to 11.5" and it had 325's on it. It was an absolutely amazing car, and only had 3200 miles on it (and over 600 hp to the wheels), but I could only finance it for 3 years due to age and the payment would have been too much for my wife to stay married to me. In turn, I had to "sacrifice" and get the new 5.0 that I could get for a super low interest rate and stretch it for 6 years. I always wonder how awesome that car would have been, even with an $850 payment per month...
  5. Yeah,...well I only will have a 287.00 monthly payment,...but then again it's not eeven close to a "New" car, much less a new S197. Having a high HP car like the one I'm buying is always a crap shoot because you don't know how long, and how often the horse had the whip put to it.

    I know a little of the history the previous owner. He brings the car to cmax because he has to. A D.U.I. forced his hand. Told the buyer that he loved the car, and hated to sell it, but he had to. And that he was like the president of his chapter of the "Cobra owners of America". ( or some chit like that)

    Funny thing though,........You're this big Cobra nut, (PRESIDENT of your chapter and all).....in love w/ your car. BUT,.......you cant bring yourself to get the drill out and buff the headlights that look like hell,...touch up the 30 or so rock chips that are everywhere on the front fascia. Prefer to let the front end and cooling fan hang by some barely adequate, scrounged up bolts. Allow an oil leak from something as mundane as the oil filter adapter, paint the bottom of the under carriage. Drive around w/ a round impact on the windshield in your line of sight (when 185.00 at glass masters would've fixed it).
    AND........let it get so dirty,...that pigs dream of wallowing in the trunk rain channels.

    You gotta wonder.
  6. Nice rig, I vote for a build thread;)
  7. Mike... when your ready to mod it hit me up. i can get you in touch with a really good tuner. and i believe he is actually doing a tuning day in bama coming up

  8. The only real bad things I heard about the early Terminator motors were the cooling systems and blown out spark plugs. the spark plug holes cross threading. I'd check and change the plugs if they are factory now before you have a problem with NGK Tr6'S. I know that it is a requirement to properly torque those plugs or you have problems.

  9. of all the cobra's i worked on i NEVER... EVER heard of any blowing out the plugs. i know the 2V's had this issue up to about 02 when they went the 8 thread heads from the 4 thread heads. but i cant remember any of the 4v's having this issue. but the TR6 suggestion is perfect... gapped around .032 will work with a upper pulley down to a 2.76. IIRC

    the cooling system is an easy fix. just need to do a cross over mod to cool 7&8 better.
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  10. Mike, I want you to level with yourself by asking yourself if any of the following has happend yet:
    1. You are looking through a parts catalog while reading this post.
    2. The other tab on your computer is displaying some sort of SVT site.
    3. If you have already ordered the leather jacket (t-shirt, underwear, etc.) with overly obnoxious embroidered cobra logo.

    If any apply......it will become a project
  11. If you found a pulley and tuner in the console, I would try and get that thing on a dyno to make sure the tune is in check.
  12. None of the above apply....I guess I'm safe then?

    If anything,..it looks like he put the stock one back on,....the only thing I've noticed ( in all of the 10 minutes I've spent w/ it) is it's rich at idle.

    I gotta get it home first,....then I'll start poking around.
  13. Cheesy cell phone pics coming right up:





    I believe I'll name this shot: "That's your ass"Just for you Noobz.
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  14. Ode to my ass. o_O
  15. Nice...got a cold air intake. That's a bonus. Did he leave the pulley guard in the trunk too, or toss it?
  16. Looks great! Can't wait to see what happens once it gets the MadMike touch. :nice:
  17. It looks like he broke it off for what ever reason,....The pulley in the console is a 2.8" piece,..don't know what that'll equate to additional power, but I got it none the less.
    IDK about the black wheels,...They kinda dissappear. Maybe I'll add body color to them? :shrug:
  18. Bleh! Photoshop it first... I don't think you'd like body color wheels.

  19. Damn,, you stole that car. Other than the color (not a yellow fan) and those wheels. I'd say you scored very well.