98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. Looks right decent. CHROME WHEELS!
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  2. werd
  3. Thanks,...and uhh,......... no.
    Uhh,..... no.

    I'll cop to it needing chrome (or a lighter color) like anthracite wheel. But,...not anytime soon.
    In the meantime, I gotta make these work. I'm not talking about anything more than maybe a yellow pinstripe on the wheel lip where they are typically chromed. Maybe I'll scuff, and paint that portion of the wheel the same silver like anthracite color,....all I know is I hate those black wheels on this car.

    I also know this: I hate polishing chrome. Polishing chrome is like eating anything that requires work to eat (i.e. crab, lobster, crawfish, P&E shrimp). Too damn much work when a steak would get the job done just as well, and your fingers and hands don't smell like you messed around w/ Sandy Sallys' Hoo-Hoo.;)

    in conclusion:

    Chrome = Crab
    Painted = Steak
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  4. I think whatever you do to those wheels will be an improvement over the black. I can count on one hand the number of cars I've seen with black wheels that actually looked really good.

    Chrome sure would look good against that yellow though...
  5. Never had to polish chrome. Well not decent chrome. Polished aluminum yes. But anyhew, I think the anthracite idea would work. Or some type of silver. Anything but the black or yellow. It's new to you..priorities first I know.
  6. I think I'm the only one on this thread who likes the black wheels.... but the yellow pinstripe would be a nice touch.

    BTW - Very nice Cobra
  7. O.K. I looked at those wheels, and they appear to be little more than black painted, 5 spoke somethin or other's from China.

    The Whole freaking wheel is getting painted over.

    Now,...given that the car is yellow,......what urethane color to paint them????
    Bronze,.....Silver,....Pewter? :shrug:
  8. Silver, or Anthracite would be my vote? :shrug:
  9. IMO silver, I'm not a big fan of Anthracite rims without a polished lip.
  10. Don't worry....nobody is going to notice with all that ugly yellow. :D
  11. I would go silver. Anthracite is only going to look a touch lighter than black on that yellow body.

    P.S. Nice emblems all over that ass. Would those be considered tramp stamps?
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  12. OK here we go,.....I guess this is the kick off of the official push to get me to do a color change on the car.:nono:
    Ain't happenin'.
    I like Yellow.
    My last GTO was "that yellow".
    My Avalanche was "that same yellow" too. ( I made the dealership bring the truck in from out of town specifically for that.)

    Now while I don't think that the particular shade of yellow on the Cobra is that great, at the same time,..I prefer it to black or silver. Anyday.

    I'm trying to decide on whether the Cobra is one of those "leave it alone, and get it close to stock" type of ventures..... (I think it is). or whether or not stuff like noisy ass exhaust w/o the cats (like this one has). Hippy Joe booming audio systems ( like I'll probably add), or complete color changes hurt the resale on a car that I am clearly sitting very pretty in.

    The little Fox before was a trasher when I bought it, and I wasn't concerned about the above,...and the end result was a testimonial to "I'll never get my time and money outta this one",... but this time,....I'm looking at a rarity. I have a car that potentially could make me 4-6k w/o doing much of anything to it.
    Does have a somewhat ****ty vibe doesn't it?
  13. Ding ding ding. Yes. A stock Cobra is a happy Cobra if you ask me. Minor bolt ons and such are fine, but anything major definitely takes away from the genuineness of the car. As someone that was shopping seriously for a nice Cobra (before I went balls to the wall on my fox), I was immediately put off by any cars that had significant modifications.

    I'm not saying nobody should ever modify a Cobra, it just a breath of fresh air when you see one that is completely unmolested and in the form Ford intended it.

    I wouldn't think about touching the color unless you really hated it. People in the Yellow Mustang Club would pay good $$ for that car.

    Drive it, enjoy it, and let it unleash your inner prick.
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  14. I dont think an exhaust and stereo would hurt the value of the car, do minor stuff to it, and drive the wheels off it, then sell it in a few years, or, hang onto it. Thats one of those car thats always gonna be worth money.
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  15. with a good tune... 460-480hp... 500hp ported is what we saw out of that combo back in the day
  16. i would put wheels on it go with all the stock add on's to get around the 460-500 mark srtthis said and just have fun. Then you can flip the car easy when its time, and have fun with out spending a million bucks on the car
  17. yea back in the day when i worked on these all the time... we could make roughly 480hp for under 1500 (mostly cat back)

    intake tune upper pulley cat back
  18. The 500rwhp mark is going to be tough to hit with the stock blower and it certainly won't be cheap or easy. I've seen many try and fail. If you do manage to get there, you're going to cut the life of that Eaton down considerably and have spent a lot of money doing it. I'd shoot for 450hp and call it a day without breaking the bank or that MP112. 450rwhp is nothing to kick stones at. Will get you low, low-12's on street tires if you can keep the wheel hop under control.