98 Cobra or 03 Cobra,....not really a decision BUT....

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  1. I say do minor bolt ons. Things that are easy to revert back to stock with. It's your car, have a good time with it, and then when the time comes, put it back stock and sell it. Then sell the upgrades to some young prick whose mommy and daddy bought him a Terminator.
  2. I can't believe we're already saying "back in the day" when it comes to 03-04 cobras...Time's going by too fast.
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  3. Yep in 2 years my stang qualifies for "antique" plates.
  4. Kinda hard to see think it was over 10 years ago they came out
  5. ...........................


    .............................Uhhh sorry to break up all of the nostalgic wafting,......but aren't all three of you driving 20+ year old cars?...........

    Hard to believe all three of them were new "Back in the Day" :banana:
  6. I like yellow.
  7. hey... stop being a smart ass! lol
  8. Kinda stumbled in here by accident, but have lurked on Mike's posts before...


    Gotta say that the black wheels don't work for me on yellow (although I do like them on my GB 13)... Yellow just needs shiny wheels. My $.02.

    Other than that, wouldn't do much on the engine side, just get the power you have to the ground well, make it turn and stop as good as it accelerates, and discover another one of the great joys of these cars--driving them!

    Congrats. Enjoy.
  9. Husky44 Yep shiny wheels on yellow for certain.
  10. Time to update those that are wondering why I don't have it yet......

    I am waiting on the title to get to Cmax so they can sell it to me....Save for that one major legal obstacle,....it's mine. The car is parked in a space and everybody refer's to it as "Mike's car" but still I wait.

    Spoke w/ our biz office last friday,..and they told me that Ford Motor Credit had received the payoff on the 10th, and has 10 additional days to put the title in the mail.

    My best case scenario is maybe by end of month.

    Has that stopped me from buying what it needs?

    Hell no.

    Replacement windshield: Ordered.
    Spec Stage 1 clutch, and t/o bearing: Bought.
    Oil filter adapter gasket: Bought.

    It doesn't have Cats,.....I don't like that. It stinks because of it. I am looking at aftermarket add-on cats just to help burn off the hydrocarbons that are moving through the soon to be replaced droaning ass flowmasters. I'll probably replace those junkers w/ something quieter next, but I don't know how much of a quieting effect the add-on cats will give me first.

    Anybody have any input there?
  11. spec clutch= chattering mofo!
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  12. i hate f'ing spec i have had 2 in my life never purchased one but replaced both of them.

    nice car hopefully everything works out, i feel your pain with the cats, I'm not a fan anymore of loud and crazy
  13. Oh Come on!.....What is different from a Spec VS any other brand of clutch?

    nice car hopefully everything works out,
    Glad I'm not the only one that doesn't need to be heard from 3 blocks away:nonono:
  14. Thanks,.... No Engine mods planned. I'm gonna either strip, or blast and paint the wheels presently on the car in a Silver paint.
    That'll be as shiny as they're gonna get.
  15. Mike...

    Saw this pic in the classifieds... LOOOOOOVE these wheels:

  16. I had a Spec Stage 3 in my setup, and I'll be using it again. I didn't have any chatter issues to speak of, and the Stage 3 clutch has individual pucks, which are much less forgiving than other clutch designs. Maybe the modular clutches are more susceptible to chatter?

    When I removed my cats, the car got so loud and droned so much that I had to swap out my 2-chamber flowmasters for 3-chamber ones. I think you'll be surprised how quiet the car gets when you add the cats first.
  17. Thanks Noobz,...I like those as well.

    The Budget for this car is slim. The focus is to get it as nice as possible, and as DD friendly as quickly as I can. Any extra money beyond that will go to the recently rekindled plan to go back to MW in Myrtle Beach now that I have my yellow prick-mobile.

    Maybe I'll seek out the attending members of SVT performance, and go around grunting, pi ssing on tires, and sniffing each others' asses as we ridicule lowly fox bodies, while creating the 2013 top ten fail list of the show. :cool:
  18. I'm only putting a Stage 1 in mine. The guy at Spec told me it was rated to 500 ft lb, and that will be just fine for me considering I do not plan to install the 2.8" pulley anytime soon (especially since I may drive the thing to MW in July).
    The cats I'm seeing look like they can be had for about 180-200 for the pair. It does have stock exhaust manifolds, so I'm also thinking maybe a JY head pipe off of a 2v GT????
    I don't know if it is a correct crossover but since there are 4 cats on the stock pipe......:shrug:
  19. mike is it an 03 or an 04? they changed the rear sensor location on the 04's they moved it after the 2nd set of cats.

    and IIRC the 2v pipe does work
  20. Mike, check out the classifieds on svtp for a catted mid pipe. I scored a practically brand new magnaflow catted x for $300. There can be some great deals there