`98 Cobra too slow need help

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  1. I ran my `98 at the track thurs night. A very disapointing 14.18 the car is basicly stock the mods are as follows Flowmasters, K&N, steeda tri axe, and nitto's

    I have a 150 wet shot to install but I don't think it will put me where I want to be. I was hoping for mid 13's as is and 12's with the juice.

    Where would 4.10s and full o/r exhaust on top of the spray get me?
  2. u need alot of stickers!!

    get a full exhaust from headers to cat back and maybe a CAI if that will do u much.
  3. the 96-98 cobras stock were only low 14 second cars(14.0-14.2). But with 410 gears you will easily be in the high 13's. The exhaust won't give you too much. Get the gears! 410 and higher then the spray
  4. too slow

    so in your opinion the exhaust will not do much? I don't want to spend a fortune on the car so I need to mod carefully only spending money where it will count. 4.10 are a must I was possibly thinking 4.30 I want the car to run mid to low 12's whats it gonna take?
  5. 4.30's + 100 shot + good tires = mid 12's.
  6. Umm, since when does exhaust not give you too much on a stang? I think over 20rwhp/20rwtq with catback and an o/r midpipe sounds good to me. Throw in some headers and you rockin...not to mention your car will now sound bad a s s!
  7. i ran a 13.7, 13.8, and a 13.9 with the mods that i have done below. the 13.7 and 13.9 were done the first time that i went to the track. i have only been twice. what were you 60' times. if you don't hit a 2.0 or 2.1 then you will have a hard time getting into the 13's with what you have. the launch is the most important part. after that it is just driving fast. i have just street tires on my car. with drag radials i might see 13.5, i hope. good luck.
  8. And if you don't powershift, you probably lose about 2-3 tenths. The stock computer program pulls timing out in between gear changes in order to preserve the gearbox.
  9. If you drag, get 4.30's. Don't get the 4.10's.

    4.30's + Longtubes + midpipe + catback + CAI may break 12's.

    FWIW my car went 13.2 with 3.73's, offroad h-pipe, and 8.5" wide ET drags. That was with lowering springs (bad for the drags).
  10. thanks guys N2O is going in tomorrow 150 shot gears as soon as i get some $ will follow
  11. sounds like there are some driving issues here. Put some drag rads on and dump the clutch @ 4500-5000, your car will hook up! Also lower the psi on your tires to about 12lbs for better traction! My fastest 1/4 is a 12.97 with what I have listed....all smiles :D
  12. still getting use to the 4.sux

    yeah thats how I use to launch my `91lx
    I got nitto dr's I'm going back to the track weds so we'll see what happens.
  13. talk to bobby97 (forgot his whole name). he has a stock cobra except for lowering springs and flowmaster weld ins and he pushed it to 13.65 with stock 3.27's. he did a 2.2 60ft. he has the video to show it..i should know cuz i filmed the bloody thing :D

    oh forgot to add that he had stock tires on too.
  14. Exhaust, intake, gears, TIRES = high 12's. With my trap speed I could run a LOW 13 with some drag radials cutting a clean 1.x 60'.

  15. can you post the video. i would like to see it.
  16. bobby doesnt know how to get it posted somewhere! do you know how to get it hosted? or where to get it hosted?

  17. What was your 60's & trap speed 14.18, doesn't tell the whole story.

  18. :stupid: :stupid: :stupid:
  19. 60' 1.949
    1/8 9.136 77.71mph
    1/4 14.167 98.32mph
    BMP,FL 10/15/04 8:07pm
  20. 98mph trap? Ouch :( Maybe you need a tune up? :(