98 Cobra Vs. Stock Trans-Am?? who would win??

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  1. Well I got a friend at school thats tryin to talk me out of getting a Cobra cause he says there all slow! He called the car Im hopfully gettin a "slowbra" and he has a stock 96 Trans-Am w/ a 150 dry shot (but he doesn't have a bottle right now). Anyway the 98 Cobra Im looking at has exhuast (from stock manifolds back), an Intake and Programmer, I saw the dyno sheet and its puttin down 298-300rwhp. Do you think the car could beat him off Nitrous?

    Just wondering cause I think I could...

  2. What kind of Intake? For those dynos I am assuming he has a short runner intake on that Cobra.

    As for the TA, he should be around 240-250 rwhp stock. On the juice he will tear into you. Off the juice you should win as long as you can drive.

    I am looking for another F-bod for my stable so I cna have the best of both again.
  3. he has a stock lt1 transam... i beat lt1s back when my 95 just had exhaust... you waste him with no problem
  4. I wouldn't go that far. Yes you may have beat some LT1's, but they have cracked some 13.8 ET's in stock form with a good driver.

  5. I just watched a bone stock 1996 TA WS6 put down 268 on a Dyno Dynamics dyno. Not to shabby for mid 90s tech. I don't think the stock injectors can handle a 150 dry shot that well. 100 dry would be no proiblem though!

    Just race and let us know . . .
  6. well this guys claims he know's everything about nitrous, but he talks a lot of BS, he's prob. running his car lean, lol

    But IF I get the Cobra then I'll run him, but yea LT1's are quick cars there just not GOD like most of there owners think, lol

  7. LT1's do have some issues and thats why I am getting another LS1 to go along with my Cobra
  8. Yea, the LT1's alittle cheaper to make real fast but I think the LS1 is handsdown a better engine... I dont have a problem with the cars just some of there owners, lol. BUT I have yet to ride in one wasn't a 20 foot long 4000lb rattle box!

  9. I disagree on the LT1 cheaper to make fast. The LS1's respond better to the mods and there are alot more out there than there are for the LT1. Heck for under 300 bucks you can easily make 30+ hp on the LS1.

    Besides the LS1 has about 30-50 more rwhp than the non ram air modeled LT1's.

    I enjoyed our LS1 when I was with my ex. Suprising it wasn't a rattle trap until I opened up the cutout.
  10. Im just going by what I read in a Magazine... but it was an August of 03 magazine at my doctors office, lol

  11. Slowbra ha ha, thats so funny because its so true.

    There is no way thay the stock '98 Cobra could beat a stock '98 Trans Am, but I know for certain that the stock 98cobra could beat a 96 trans am. I know this because my friend has a 97trans and I beat him with my 98. But the problem here is the nitrous. I only have 305hp and I raced a '98 z28 with nitrous and it smoked me. He only told me that he had 100more hp than me.

    Besides, I am shocked you can keep that car in line, especially with 100hp because all I ever did was spin out and mine is stock.

    Trust me, a lot of the people here are talking out of their asses.

    Jimbo Jones
    '98 yellowCobra 68,000 miles
    '01 blackCobra 46,000 miles
    '03 mystiChrome Cobra 35,000miles
    All stock with Borla exhaust
    Castrol 5-20syntec
  12. Not a flame...just the 95 GT's I remember would have a hard time with my wife's 99 V6, stock vs stock..let alone a LT1.
  13. Thats kinda what I was thinkin... but the Cobra is puttin down 300rwhp and TA is puttin about 265-270 rwhp, but the huge difference is in torque, the Cobra has like 250-275 ish (not sure I'd have to see the sheet in it) and the TA is puttin around 305 STOCK! The LT1 is a Torque Monster motor...

    And he claims he's beat SRT10 Vipers, Z06 vettes, even a Lambo!

    I want that Cobra SO FREAKIN BAD!! Im tried of havin a "wanna be sports car", lol


  14. Talking out of their asses huh...

    Newsflash, MysticChrome was only in 04, not 03, and if you have put 35k miles on a car in 2 years, you have beat the living crap out of that thing. :Teh-Win:

    And an LS1 with a 150 shot would topple you. I've got a 96 with every bolt on and im pushing around 300-315rwhp. Then again, if he doesnt blow his intake off with such a high shot and unforged internals, etc...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  15. A stock 96-98 cobra puts down 255-260rwhp stock. Torque in a race means little to nothing. Unless your dragging something. you won't be in low rpms for very long. It does affect how the power curve works but again in this case it means little to nothing. Remember a gt has 225hp/300tq. 96-98 runs low-mid 15's as opposed to a 96-98 cobra 305hp/300tq that runs low 14's-high 13's-------flywheel numbers.

    Your friend is a lair.

    hope that helps.
  16. :bs: torque is what gets the car moving and combined with traction is what gets your low 60ft times. you must race from a roll
  17. You just need to stop posting. I tore you up in the oil change thread because you knew nothing. Again proving it by saying the 03 is a mystichrome. Wrong again:rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  18. gearing is what can get a car moving combined with traction nets you a low 60ft. times.

    horsepower makes up the rest of the way down the stretch.

    Therefor the remark that a CAR is a TORQUE MONSTER is incorrect and will not win you a race nor keep you in the lead for very long if that is even an issue to begin with.

    Example would be my car. Torque would be under the 3,400rpm range. Anything above that is horespower working their. Again my car with the ratings of 305hp/300tq and a low 14 sec/high 13 sec slip against a same year gt with 225hp/300tq and a mid to low 15 sec slip. Surely the GT with a greater torque curve should get moving faster and yield a better 60ft. then a cobra same year. Yet I have never seen that happen. If anything they can both pull the same 60.ft yet the more powerful car can get down the track quicker.

    There is a eason that trucks come with massive torque ratings. It's to haul trailer and pull. Not to race.
  19. no... don't say that!
  20. A motor that is pretty much all torque when geared properly will run very well.