98 Cobra Vs. Stock Trans-Am?? who would win??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by JakeDaSnake, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. all you guys do know the horsepower is a measurment of torque and RPMS.


  2. True, I dont know he's moving out of the state next month anyway, so I dont think I'll ever get to race him when I get my new car...

    He just thinks his TransAm and beat anything on the road with a 150 shot of nitrous, its fast but it aint THAT fast...

  3. 13.7 in the stock Cobra by Motor Trend (I think it was them).
  5. Thanks for your opinion :D

  6. I believe Hot Rod ran a 13.6 in a LT1 SS:D
  7. maybe a auto vert... but if anyone knows how to drive u can get a 95 with exhaust to run 9.0s in the 1/8
  8. They got it to a [email protected] and it was a 96 SSm6
  9. if you buy the trans you have to drive the trans do you want to drive something that ugly for a half sec qt mile difference
  10. I have raced a 99 Z28 auto convertible on the freeway in my cobra. I had my top down, he had his top up, 3 people in his car, 2 people in mine. I pulled a length by 120.

    I also raced a LT1 camaro, not sure of year, no badges but it was an LT1 with exhaust. I pulled 3-4 lengths from 70 to 110. My top was up then.

    Camaros are not that hard to beat, just learn how to drive your car and you will do fine. My car is stock except for weld in Flowmasters and put down 240rwhp. The dyno shop said I had bad plug wires. I dunno, it has 110k miles. And the plug wires say 1997 on them. But the car is definitely fast on the street.
  11. Anything can happen on the street...but I would not take your races an a standard to be expected everytime.

    The LS1 probably is putting down 50-60 rwhp more than your car. You got lucky.

    About the LT1...you raced a V6 f-body with a dual exhaust tips. LT1's are typically low 14 second cars for most...your car is probably a mid 14 second car.

    To make a statement that just learn how to drive and you will be fine about racing cars that are faster basically most of the time is crazy talk. You can be the best driver in the world and if some guy pulls up next to you in a car that is 4 seconds quicker in the 1/4 than you....:owned:
  12. 240rwhp on a 97 cobra?? :wtf:
  13. Considering LS1 6spds can easily put down 310-315+ that would put the Cobra at 250-255rwhp. Isn't that about right?
  14. The cobras range from 250-260 rwhp and some as high as 275.

    98-00 LS1 m6's range 295-305
    01-02 LS1 m6's range 300-320 stock
  15. Therefore, a Cobra with 240rwhp and 110k miles and possibly bad plug wires is about average?
  16. No. There is something wrong.