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  1. I want to go to a Walbro 255lph High Pressure pump,I have found for kits go up to 1997. Model # GSS340 is the pump to use, is it also direct fit for 98 ?I think I have returnstyle-car build date 08/1997 and model year 1998. This is photo from my car. Is it difficult to change fuel pump basket to make it work with Walbro GSS340?
  2. Yes that looks like what I have (return style). I think they only go to 1997 because some 98's have the returnless style.:shrug: I know 98cobra281 put that pump in his car, maybe he'll chime-in. I also know I'm putting in an external fuel pump in my 1998 but when a get my built block and can up the boost, I'm going with that same Walbro in combination with the external Anderson pusher pump (same as T-rex).
  3. Been a few years since I changed my fuel pump and I can't remember everything, but the difference on the 98 is that the sender and pump are in the same unit whereas on the 96,97 they are seperate, and the 98 has a fixed non-adjustable fpr on the fuel rails. heres alink discussing it.
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    The walbro should fit with modifications to the basket.

    I installed a focus svt pump, no modifications whatsoever.
  4. Thaanks for answers, did you install focus svt pump with return-style system? I think i buy this pump Ford Racing Performance Parts [M-9407-D46*]
  5. How, the svt focus pump is for a returnless style system??
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    Hers the original thread I wrote asking Randy Stinchcomb, (who is a mustang expert and parts guru) about the pump I installed. Bought it as a vortech pump #8f001-265, the part stamped on it was a ford part #3s4u-9350-aa, which according to him and every google search I've done is a SVT focus pump, (http://forums.corral.net/forums/showpost.php?p=2989676&postcount=6). Installed withoug modifications and has worked flawlessly for 2 years now. Unless vortech actually changes something, (which I doubt they did), from what I've read they just tested it at a higher voltage rate to get the 255 lph and resold it as their own.