98 GT Parting Out

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by bnmc98, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Parting Out a 98 GT. Front end is totalled. Unknown on engine and trans so far. I will dive into those later on but lots of good other parts, let me know what you need. Make offers on stuff. Thanks

  2. 80 for trunk lid w spoiler?
  3. What kind of seats do you have, and how much are you asking for em? Got pics?
  4. seats are not in the best condition.
  5. how much you want for the rear bumper cover and 2 lower side skirts?
  6. If in good condition, can i get a price on fuel pump, crankshaft position sensor, and spark plug wires. thanks
  7. PM me an offer and your zip and I can work out shipping. In the mean time I will check the condition.
  8. PM'd
  9. hey do you happen to have any window switches? my 94 passenger switch is starting to fail
  10. I believe I do. PM me an offer and zip and I will double check the switch
  11. PM sent on taillights and harnesses.
  12. Did the car have a slave cd player on Mach 460 system? If so how much for the wire harness to the cd player?
  13. cd player and harness are gone, sorry.
  14. PM'd you back
  15. Is the transmission modified in any way? Is it an automatic?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.