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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by stangjb, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. i have a 1998 mustang gt no motor no trans..this was an auto car..i have all the body but no headlights grill or front bumper ..just hit me up let me know what u need:nice:
  2. Steering berring

    I am in need of the bearing that gois in the firewall at the steering shaft with a piece of the firewall. Converting a Fox to SN and have to wel this berring in place. Let me know if this is something you would part with. Thanks
  3. i need drivers seat track, keyless entry remote and reciever box, shock tower brace, trunk light switch. thanks.
  4. i do in have all that...u can call or text me if u like 606-369-3672 i can send u a better pic by phone so u can make sure u want it...we can work out the shipping
  5. what color is the interior of the the car? how many miles are on the car?
  6. the car is a dark green and the interior is gray/black the driverside seat and track is gone though...
  7. Do you have driver and passenger side roof rail panels? What is the price shipped to 35175?
  8. Do you have the little "L" shaped pieces right behind the front tires? They are part of the rocker moldings. How much shipped to 46060?
  9. I need tail lights shipped to NY 12540....with bezels and the bulb harnesess...thanks
  10. Trunk shocks/ supports? Passenger switches?
  11. Would the rear seat belts fit a '95GT? And if so, and if you've got all of them for the rear seat, what would you have to have for them? Oh and what color! Thanks much
  12. Do you have the hood? Is it different from the stock v6 hood? Looking for that plus the left front fender/turn sig ass'y. Thanks

  13. This one is even older.
  14. I have a left front fender available. Part is in Richmond, VA. Let me know if you're interested.
Thread Status:
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