98 GT Rear End Problem

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by BlackenedSVT, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. In my 98GT i have this 'wooshing' noise coming from my rear end. The faster i go the faster IT goes, and the slower...the same. I brought it to one of my ford mechanics (whos a friend of mine who does all my rear end work) and he told me the rear axel bearings went bad. So i asked him how this happend, and he told me that it just happens sometimes. Well the car is almost like 6 years old so i guess it happens...

    So my other mechanic and i take apart the rear and replace the axel bearings, which were rusted and broke as we took them out. So...good thing we replaced them. $150 all said and done..but the noise was gone! :banana:

    ...And then late in the evening the next day, the noise came back :( I haven't brought the car back to my mechanic yet. But im asking you guys: "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS NOISE?! AND WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?!"

    NOTE: I never had this noise before i did my 4.10 rear swap a few months ago. BUT this noise came only after about 3 months of having the gears in. And my mechanic shimmed the gears perfectly so i DONT think this noise has anything to do witht he 4.10 gears themselves...but guys, please let me know. Its [email protected]!%ing annoying! :bang:
  2. I'd bet anything it is the carrier bearing. I had the same problem. Too bad he didn't do all of the bearings during the gear swap. Would have saved going into the differential again.

    I kind of liken to a whoomp whoomp whoomp noise. Almost like brake pads have gone bad. Is this the sound? If so go ahead and have him change the carrier and pinion bearing too.
  3. Also check you control arm bolts...in some rare occassions, they come loose.
  4. Is it kind of like a humming noise? If it is, the D/S might be out of balance. :shrug:
  5. Driveshaft would be a steady hum. Bad bearings have a kind of pulse to it.
  6. This is a WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP noise. My drive shaft IS out of balance. When i hit 4grand in 4th gear (automatic) on the highway, the driveshaft shakes violently. I still never had it balanced. But i dont think that this is the whomping/whooshing noise. I'll ask about the carrier bearings.
  7. It's wierd how that goes hand in hand. I had the bearings replaced and soon after I had the u-joint go bad on the DS. My dad pulled the dust cap off of one end and the needle bearings had disentegrated. I just went with an aluminum DS. BTW...the driveshaft will get worse. Mine started out like yours...higher RPM's in 5th. Then It would be 4th then on to 3rd. Soon it was in all gears after 2500 rpms.
  8. I replaced the outer Axel bearings in the rear....noise went away for about 18hours. Then then acted up again.

    After replacing the Carrier Bearings too...its AAAAALLLLL better now :D

    thanks guys :nice:
  9. My car is doing the same thing, looks like its time for some new gears...