98 GT top speed limit.. Disable?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 98gt46, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. I dont like the idea of someone else deciding how fast i can go..
    So I have been looking at performance chips and programmers. They all seem to cost about the same (400$) and advertize the same fetures But, I have not found one description that clearly states that it will remove the top speed limiter on my 98 gt. Which one should I buy ?

    Help Me Stop The Man From Repressing My Car..
  2. All of them do, really.

    Do you plan going 145+ mph a lot? :D I'm not bashing you, I have once.
  3. Id recommend SCT products.Ive used them for years..
  4. well if i could , i might ;)
  5. 145+ mph rocks.

    i keep it down to 135 myself. i like to taunt 3.5l altima's.
    they have a 125 mph limit. i just creep away watching them grit their teeth. funny as hell. or the odd 4 litre lexus. only when i feel they think they are badasses.

    i may, just maybe run mine to 170 soon just to see. long straight no traffic. z rated tires.
  6. The only thing limiting your top speed is gravity, aerodynamics, and Hp [or lack of] in other words, there is no speed limiter.
  7. ok man if there is no speed limiter then how come it starts missing at 120 mph and then picks back up at like 118 mph and will do this for miles , i can redline 3rd and be around 110-115 mph pullin hard shift to fourth then poof. there is something that limits the rpm of the injectors or the ignition or something and its not gravity
  8. The '98s came with a speed limiter if you got the 16" wheels stock. If the 17" Wheels came stock, there was no speed limiter. Liability between an "H" rated tire and a "Z" rated tire... stock.
  9. what he said^^
  10. What wheels do you have on your car?
  11. my friend has a grand marquee and we put a stock 97 gt long block in it and it will go at least 140 mph , its like riding on a really fast waterbed but it will still pass my mustang and keep on trucking. so the problem has to be the ecu holding me back. and that is honestly all i know lol
  12. dude that sucks. 118 mph lets 3.5l altimas laugh at you as the float by. 3.8l impalas can stick to you tail like flies.
  13. Check your tires, if they're 16's then SCT should be able to fix you up.
  14. im sayn!! i drive 40+ miles on the interstate to work each way and almost on a dayly basis i get 4 bangers wanting to race me and half the time i get spanked because my car shuts down if 400$ could get rid of that im all about it
  15. :lol:

    I got my SCT from Modular Depot, seems to work pretty good. Wherever you get one, maybe email them first to see if they can remove the limiter before you buy.
  16. who ever thought of the top speed limiter should be drawn and quartered.
  17. Modular Depot have a website ?
  18. top speed limiter has forever tainted the name mustang, giving hondas everywhere false hope. its time to stop the insanity
    just say No!
  19. well speed limiter or not...96-98 stangs are slow anyway. Now that your here do some looking around for info on a PI Swap. Thats the Heads/Cams/Intake off a 99-04 Mustang. Its a worthy investment and will add much needed BALLS to you mustang.