98 GT w/ 5.4DOHC and T56 +more

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  1. Alright, lets sell this car!
    $6,500 firm.
    YouTube Video posted below.
    I have almost $40k invested and receipts for all of it.
    Local pick-up Houston, TX (west side to be specific).
    The car needs a few things and i'm done spending money on it.
    a. throw out bearing is a little squeeking.
    b. rear axle bearing are a bit noisy (dont think its the diff)
    c. needs new headliner (after I replaced the moonroof glass that broke)

    a black on black on black, 98 mustang GT w/ moon roof and complete dynomat from firewall to back seat and most of the trunk, very very well kept, dash is free from cracks, no headliner, stereo amps are mounted inside the backs of the rear seats but the plexi glass and trim pieces were broken when the car was burglarized a few years back and i've never fixed it. , they can go w/ the car if desired... but i need to keep the head unit.
    ** The car is wired with a vehicle location and control system. It provides updates to a web interface where you can track the vehicle, unlock the doors, and disable the vehcile from starting. Most of these features also work via a phone dial-in service... see the youtube i'll post for a demo.**

    The car also has a complete set of Nexus gauges. If your not familar, goto autometers website... these are the best of the best, they record history to an sd card and you can set dynamic red-alert levels for each gauge.

    See my car domain page in my signature for pictures of the building process.

    This car was built with twin turbos in mind, but I had a bad mechanic put it together the first time and after having a very reputable (expensive) shop put it back together again, i blew my budget and can no longer afford to put the turbos on. So I'm moving on.

    0. SCT X3 tuner w/ 1 custom tune
    1. 5.4L Block w/ Navigator heads, forged steel pistons & rods, 10.2 compression, has about 10k miles on it.
    2. comp cams, hi energy... something, i dont have the details at the moment.
    3. Ford Falcon, Boss engine (AU) intake manifold, fits 5.4 DOHC with C heads or navi heads. has been slightly modified for dual bore throttle body intake intake to be on drivers side,
    4. T-56 transmission. ~20k miles, w/ drive shaft.
    5. MMR adjustable rear control arms.
    6. PA Racing k-member & a-arm w/ coil-over kit
    7. Autometer nexus gauge set including the following gauges: trans. temp, water temp, A/F wideband, fuel pressure and oil pressure.
    8. Autometer digital pro shift system, Cobalt DPSS Gauge, Level 2
    9. autometer instrument cluster dual gauge pod.
    10. 4" cowl hood
    11. Cool car! But I want a new car. i'm dont with stinky buckety hot-rods.
    More Parts Upgrades I forgot to add:
    12. Cobra Front Brake Kit Upgrade (part numbers M-2320-C and M-2400-C)
    13. walbro fuel pump 255lph
    14. 39lb injectors
  2. YouTube

    Oh I forgot, I also have two computers and two sets of keys for this car. Bought it while i was diagnosing a wiring issues which turned out to be back coil packs that i later threw in the trash... anyway, Incase one of the computers dies for some reason,... now you can have two! The one installed now is the one i bought as a replacement, the one that is on standby is the one that came with the car from the factory.

    YouTube Video:
    2011-09-11 05.59.43 Mustang1 - YouTube
  3. man if you still have this car in january I would love to have it.
  4. And I would love to sell it to you, but I want to buy a new CTS-V and I'm hoping not to wait that long.

    Just dropped the price a little... not much I know, but thats probably about as low as I'm comfortable going.
  5. do you still have it?
  6. still for sale.
  7. Interested...do u have more pics?
  8. I can take more, but The youtube video shows the exterior and interior. If you want pictures of something more specific, let me know.
  9. its getting close to january... why dont you just hold on to it for me...lol
  10. @coupeownerBE - PM sent.

    I added a few more items to the list above I'd forgotten
  11. Dyno.jpg

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  12. im still here waiting for the end of jan.
  13. Do you still have the car??
  14. still for sale!
  15. Can You send me A Contact Number So I can talk with you about the car. I am very interested and can head that way by the end of the week.
  16. Hey man I was wondering what you have left from the car? Do you still have the gauges?
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