98 Mustang check engine light on.....code P0174

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by mikefm58, May 25, 2005.

  1. I've got a '98 Mustang 6 cyl, 61K miles with the check engine light on, took it to the auto parts store to run the code and it's "P0174 System Too Lean (Bank 2)". Also, my gas mileage has gotten worse.

    O2 sensor? If so, how many and where are they located? Is that a fairly easy repair for a novice like myself?
  2. Hey man, I have the same problem, did u ever find out what it was making your poor gas mileage and the code p0174?

  3. I had the code for both banks too lean come up on mine 2 different times and it turned out to be a vaccuum leak causing it. The hoses between the canister, manifold and purge control solenoid were leaking. One had a hole worn in it, and the other was just deteriorated. So far, so good since replacing them. Since yours is only on one bank, it could be an o2 sensor. The Haynes manual tells how to check the resistance and what the specs are for a healthy sensor. They're on the exhaust lines somewhere between the exhaust manifold and cat converters. I'm not sure if these are a 2 or 4 sensor setup. They're not hard to change, provided you can get them loose! Often times, they're kinda welded in place. Some penetrating oil would help get them free. Good luck!