98 Mustang Gt Coolant Leak Problem

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  1. So i just bought a 98' mustang gt 4.6 & i noticed that the low coolant light would go on and off randomly. Pretty sure it's leaking coolant..Found the leak by the rear of the engine. Im just wondering what the problem could be. Hoping someone with better knowledge with cars could help me out. Thanks image.jpg image.jpg
  2. You might have to crawl under there and look for it while the engine is running. If it is on the driver's side then check around the oil cooler adapter. If it is towards the back then maybe a freeze plug.
  3. Thank you sir, I'll check it out tonight or tomorrow before work. Will post more when I get a better look. Thanks again
  4. Also, maybe its a heater hose or a leak from the intake manifold if its coming from the back. You'll just have to get a better look.
  5. Back when I had my 96' GT the heater hose that runs from the front of the engine to the back that is under the intake manifold split on me. It happened in the driveway and the coolant ran out the back through the plastic that covers the hole in the block (Romeo). That hose, at least on my car was just regular heater hose and not like the PI motors that have the hard line. Still have to remove the intake to fix
  6. With the car warmed up and running check the right rear of the intake manifold where the coolant nipple is. On mine the nipple was coming out of the manifold and leaking, the plastic threads in the manifold let go. This is a good time to install a PI manifold...