98 Mustang Making A "creaking" Noise When Going Slow And Turning

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  1. Hey,

    This issue has been happening for awhile now. Only when I am going slow the car makes this horrible creaking noise only from the right side especially when turning. I don't know how to describe it but its embarrassing. It doesn't happen when I am highway driving though or when it is raining. The sound disappears. I bought the car from an older couple who said it sat for awhile. I'm trying to figure out what is actually going on. People have said ball joints, strut or bearings needs to be greased, tire could be the wrong size (???), etc...

    This happen to anyone else?
  2. Do any diagnostics yet? Otherwise you are just throwing parts at it. All of what you said could be causing it plus damaged insulators, tie rods, etc.

    Get the front end up off the ground and see if the problem repeats, that will rule a lot out. While you're at it give it the 3/9 and 6/12 shake. Get a prybar in there and start manipulating the endlinks, control arm, etc.
  3. right rear or right front?
  4. Right front
  5. i would spray some lube on the strut mount and see if it goes away. thats where i would start.
  6. If you don't fix it with the spray on the strut mount. Pretty much think it would lead me to believe it is the balljoints. I have replaced them twice on my car. The second time I got smart and replaced them with motorcrafts that have the greaseable fitting.
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  7. Does it sound like wooden ship when it creaks or does it sound more like metal? Mine makes a creak from the rear when I pull into my apartments parking lot due to the dip but I attribute it to not having flsfc's and having worn upper/lower control arms.
  8. It ended up being a ripped ball joint. Got a new one along with an alignment and rides like new.
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