98 Seats into a 65?

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  1. Anyone swap newer seats into your old Stang? I have a 65 and can get some nice leather highbacks out of a 98 and was wondering what all would have to be done to make them work? :shrug:
  2. You have to re-use your old tracks. You bolt the two front bolt holes into the new seats, and drill two new holes for the back bolt. The install is easy.........

    The problem is the seat buns are like 2" higher than the stock seats and can really cause a problem if you are over 5'8" getting your legs under the stock steering wheel.
  3. Thanks Craig, that is great information :nice: It's for my wife and if I do the swap I could change the steering wheel and or go to a tilt column if I had to.
  4. Great article and I may just do that, I do all the work in my restorations so that wouldn't be a problem. My wife isn't 5' 8" but I'm at least 6' tall in a sitting position, 5' 8" with freakishly short legs so I sit tall :D

    Thanks again!
  5. I had 2001 seats (with 2001 tracks) in my car for a long time and had modded the seat riser but it still sat too high. 2 summers ago I cut the riser out of the drivers seat and installed a reinforcement plate. The seat sits lower and feels great. I was in a hurry and didn't do the passenger seat, it's quite uncomfortable, so I'm doing that side soon. I'll try to post some pics.
  6. I put in seats from a 94 GT mustang. i used my 65 seat tracks. the seats lined up with the seat tracks perfect. i just drilled new holes and bolted it up. i am 6'2" and with the seats all the way back I fit ok. A tilt steering wheel would be perfect but that will happen another day.

    i just wish i new where to buy new bottom seat foam for this 94 seat. i need some for the driver side and i cannot find a dealer or somewhere that sells it.
  7. Thanks guys, pics would be great if anyone has them. I haven't been able to get a hold of the guy that has the seats but either way I've been planning on this for a while so I will get some from somewhere :nice:
  8. Here are some pics of the mods I did to mine to bolt '88 GT seats in my 65.

    I modified the front slider hole and tapped out the closest hole on the seat frames.

    BTW if you want to go to a tilt column, it's a lot of work on a '65 -'67. Because of the solid shaft, the steering box has to be swapped.
  9. Another factor is if you have an auto vs a manual transmission.

    You don't have to cycle the clutch in an automatic, so the seat height becomes less critical. In my car, I had to turn the door release handle 180 degrees so I could cycle the clutch and not open the door - and that was in "stock" form with stock seats and stock seat pan height.
  10. Here's my 66 with seats from a 95 Mustang

  11. Thanks for the pics and info guys :nice: