98 Steeda Cobra on Ebay (what's your guess?)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by SVTSTEEDA, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Just wanted to see what you guys think this car will bid up to. It seems to be in great shape (I know it's nicer than mine). I'm guessing it will no sale for 16,500. I would think his reserve is around 20 grand or more. Sorry I don't know how to link to it for you guys. Go to ebay and punch in steeda (it has 3 days left)

    any guesses? I figure this might give me an idea of what I could get for mine (of course I would have to subtract a lot for mine)

    Good luck to the seller if he is on this site.
  2. what is the ebay ID number for that auction
  3. Its not bad... But why pay 20k for a 98 cobra, when you can get a 01 for 20k
  4. Because the 98 has a vortech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. So someone buy my cobra for $17k, blower + suspension + chrome Cobra r's!
  6. Yeah that's the car. I think the fact that so many Mustangs are produced hurts this car. You can tell the car is in great shape and has barely been driven (14k miles). You pay a premium price to have Steeda install the mods and to serialize it. In return you can boast that you have one of less than twenty cars serialized by Steeda (that year). This car puts mine to shame but I knew mine would not have any type of collector appeal because the previous owner had wrecked it. It still puts a smile on my face each time I drive it though. Most people will buy a Mustang and put the blower and suspension mods on themselves and save a lot of money. The way I see it is have fun and enjoy it no matter what route you take. update: less than a day left and it is at 15,300.
  7. Yea the amount of Mustang being sold, really does hurt the car.

    Not SO MUCH the COBRA, as they can hold value for a while.

    But it REALLY hurts the GT's, and kills the V6 the SECOND you register the car from the dealership to your ownership. Something like $10,000 is already lost before even driving the car off the lot.
  8. Good point. I do think the '03 Cobra hurt the resale of older Cobras. Unless you really like the older body style (94-98) or want a normally aspirated Cobra (all previous ones) it is hard for people to pass up almost 400 hp stock on the '03. I am glad that Ford decided to produce such a powerful car. It just proves that you should buy your car right and enjoy it while you have it. The auction should be over in a few hours (it is at 18,000 right now).
  9. auction ended. no sale (reserve not met) at 19,100. It brought more than I thought it would.