98 svt cobra engine problem??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by -styx-, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. anyways...i just bought a 98 svt cobra the other day and im really not to smart when it comes to these motors due to the fact that ive nvr worked on them. it runs and idles fine just has a slight knock. cant really depict where its coming from. sounds like a rod knock...when i rev it up and it idles down is when it starts to make noises or under a load. its not a constant sound tho u can almost here it at an idle etc. it doesn't speed up when you rev either....its different and any help would be appreciated. please and thanks you
  2. Rod knock, eh? :shrug: Probably time to start saving for a rebuild. G'luck... :(
  3. A rod knock is not good. You stated "it doesn't speed up when you rev it" You would hear it to some degree when engine RPM changes. Maybe the road noise/exhaust is louder than the problem under load. I would have a mechanic check out your car before driving it any more. Those engines are great so don't damage it beyond repair.
  4. sounds like a bad lash adjuster. how many miles are on the motor ?