98 vert w/03 motor

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  1. has anyone put a 03/04 motor in a 98. can the drive train handle it. what mods if any have to be done to the car to make it fit. any info on this would be great. thanks.
  2. you could put the motor in their im pretty sure, and im sure the T-45 could handle it, how long.....well that depends on how hard you drive it. I would recommend putting a TKO in the 98 if you go that route.
  3. from what i've seen the 03 cobra crate motors cost around 11-12,000 bills. Im sure that someone like VT Engines or sean hyland could make a stronger 5.0 stroker that you could supercharge for cheaper than that. is there any particular reason that you want to get the 03 motor?
  4. only because i have seen a few that were used with like 4-6000 miles on them for around $6000. i thought that for a fully fordged and s/c motor that it was a good deal. i prefer the sn-95 body style or i would buy an 03. how much would it cost for them to build me a motor that could compare to the 03-04 motors.
  5. wow - if you do this, let me know! that'd be an awesome swap
  6. I've been wanting to do the same thing, but I want the 04 long block and then bolt a Kenne Bell to it!

    I know that you have to change the k-member, but you can go tubular at that point. You will also need to use a FAST controller for the fuel injection or you will have to change out the entire dash electronics since the 99+ have digital speedo, etc.

    It's been done a couple of times...as a matter of fact, the write-up in last months or this ones 5.0 has a yellow/black 95 on the cover...it has an 03 Cobra in it.

    I had a text file from a guy who had done it and said what all needed to be done, but can't find it right now. I will email it to ya if I can find it.
  7. Not much. SHM and cheaper are never found in the same sentence. :D

    As for the swap ... popular swap for a lot of SOHC guys going to the DOHC.
    Good forum to ask questions or sites 1, 2. But, be prepared for a lot of 'oh, by the way' purchases to make it work. Good point of contact .... Race Rat
    Some swaps are putting the 03/04 long block behind autos. Finding the long block for a reasonable price is the hardest part ... the swap in straightfoward but involved.

    Been done, so it's not new territory. Good luck. :flag:
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  9. do the motor mounts still match up, also, is there any cutting involved to get everything to match up and fit.