99-01 cobra engine

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  1. Any of you guys know were I can get JUST the 01 cobra engine and related componets like CPU and the stuff that comes with the kit from jegs...basically I just dont need the tranny and H pipe...and could I get one through Ford? Looking to spend like 4K-5K when the time comes.Just need a site or something that I can use when (or if) I am ready to buy it.2V heads are just too darn restrictive.BTW 03-04 Mach 5spd (NO AUTO, for obvious reasons) engine would easlily fit the bill (with or W/O CPU and wiring because I can get that stuff from Ford if I have too)and actually would be better due to it having even better flowing heads...but if you can, please just through out some sites for both...not VERY sure what I will do (leaning toward mach). Thanks in advance.
  2. You should be able to get one through Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog along with any other goodies that you need.


  3. http://www.fordracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=6688



    Sold In Units Of Each (1)
    Suggested Retail $5,995.00

    Dimensions: 0.00H x 0.00W x 0.00D
    Weight: 1,010.00#
    Catalog Page: 47
    Instruction Sheet: N/A


    Complete “Signature Series” engine and transmission package for 2000 Mustang Cobra

    320 HP @ 6000 RPM, 315 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4750 RPM

    Great for high-tech street rods and custom built cars

    Includes complete engine from the dual 57mm throttle body to the oil pan

    Premium fuel required

    Calibration code 0G-839-AA

    Includes EEC-V computer, wiring and air inlet system components
  4. Hey NJStangFan! Is that what your 2001 cobra is stock? 301 rwhp??
  5. Only mod was a K&N. I've got the graph to back this up, BTW... :cool:
  6. 4-5 grand for an 01 motor. if i were to sell mine, i'd put it at 4500-5000 bucks.
  7. These guys should have something to suit your needs. New, used, short blocks, long blocks , etc. they seem to have it all.
  8. That also inclues 5-speed trans.
  9. in regards to njstangfans 301rwhp, i believe it because my 01 cobra dyno'd at 298 rwhp competley stock. i have since added about 20rwhp with basic bolt ons but it feels like more. njstangfan is right on the money with those figures. these 01' cobras that are putting out 270 - 285rwhp are usually running very rich! if the car is running right it should be closer to 300!
  10. [​IMG]

    Small dyno, but I've got a larger one if anyone is interested... :nice: