99/01 Cobra Owners Where Are You!?!?!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by ktomka, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. After all the talk and all the effort to get Kenne Bell to make a blower kit for the 99/01 Cobras I am seeing very little follow-through. If you want the monster power of the Kenne Bell blower you need to step up to the plate and send in a deposit or there will be no blower kit to buy, EVER! None of this I will buy one once it's out BS! There is no later, we have got till January 15th or it is all over. Let me say that again JANUARY 15th. If you don't send in a deposit now there will not be a kit to buy later.

    What about all the people who were talking about converting to an 03 motor with the Eaton? At least a few people on this board were talking about the conversion and that costs over two times what this blower kit will cost, and you still wont make the power you will with the twin screw. Also there is a warrantee and instructions with the kit (you can install it your self just like the 03 guys). If you try the conversion you are pretty much on your own.

    Kenne Bell will not cash your checks until they receive all 25 and the kit is officially back underway, guaranteed completion 90 days from when they cash your check! Let me say that again GUARANTEED COMPLETION IN 90 DAYS! Also you don't have to purchase the blower (the remaining balance) immediately after completion, you can wait until you are ready. And you can put it on a credit card if you want. The kit is going to be about $3700 total, so you would have a balance of $3200 after the deposit. That is less than a centrifugal!!!! How could any one who wants a blower not think this is a steal?

    So post over on modular fords and send in your check.