99/01 Vortech Cobras...Please come in.

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  1. I am just about ready to go the supercharger route. My delema is which one to get. I have narrowed it down to two. I want to go either with the Vortech S-Trim w/ aftercooler (GT impeller), or the SC-Trim w/ aftercooler (Cobra Impeller). Keep in mind I still have a stock block. I really want to go with the S-trim because I heard it is an awesome street blower and makes good power down low. How much boost would I see with the 3.6 pully with the S-Trim and how much can I detune it to be on the safe side? As for the SC-Trim I haven't heard much about it but for those of you who have it please chime in with your opinions on it. This is definatley one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. Thanks.
  2. You are putting down some nice numbers already. For that much money I would go heads and cams. Surely you won't get the same results but it seems like you are concerned with being safe... keeping it NA would be safe....then again so would SC if tuned right. But long term i think NA would be better if you plan on keep your car that long.

    I too was looking into SC and I agree with your choices but I cannot answer which one would be the better of the 2. I found it very helpful calling Vortech and they explained to me the difference (which i kinda remmeber since it's been a while). either way...good luck and nice ride...
  3. My friend is running an E-trim (between S and T-trim) on his 99, no intercooler. He put down 430rwhp @ 8 psi (which I think is with the 3.6 pulley). Trapped 117 mph the only time he went to the track. His car drives like stock under 3k RPM but that's where it ends. It is a BLAST to drive :D
  4. How much power would heads and cam offer on a NA car? I don't have any mid length headers yet but I do have the KB suspension a lot like yours does. I love mine!! I have an on road SLP x-pipe and slp catback and a Meter forward densencharger I need to install that one though.
  5. Yeah N/A has been fun but I am looking to turn it up a notch. I think I am leaning toward the SC-Trim right now because the boost levels will be much safer. I am only looking to make around 450 rwhp on a safe tune so my motor will last atleast a couple a years before I do a rebuild. It is also my daily driver right now and another reason I am trying to keep it safe. I have heard that it is not nesescarily the boost that kills you but the Horsepower that the motor makes that hurts you overall.
  6. blower

    Ok, i have a stock block and heads. I put a Vortech S-trim w/ stock pulley, and a power pipe. My car w/ stock mufflers...headers,hpipe,maf,and injectors put 423 RWHP on the dyno w/ only 9psi. I would no doubt go for the S-trim. The S-trim sounds sick and like you said its a BAD A$$ street blower. I love it. And i would def. go w/ a blower no heads and cam. Slap on the blower while you still feel like dumping major money, winter comes....heads and cam. Good luck. :nice:
  7. First thing:
    E-trim is the starting point for our cars. It's actually what Vortech recommended for the 99+'s. Not to long ago they decided the SC (S-trim with a different impellar)trim was a better option for our cars. The S-trim is really for the GT's cause of their lower RPM capabilities which results in less boost. Then there's the T-trim....

    I had a friend with the SC-trim. It was ok, but after he forged his block he jumped up to the S-trim for more boost. With the SC-trim, after changing pulleys and adding a power pipe it just wasn't efficient anymore.

    I have the S-trim....with all the bolt-ons and making 319RWHP n/a, it went up to 514RWHP. That was with 14 degrees timing and an a/f average of 12.8 . Decided to back it down after a few months to 13 degrees timing and an a/f of 11.8. Put down 487RWHP that way. I was seeing 12.8 lbs of boost.

    If you put the S-trim on you will be happy....great boost and lots of power. On a conservative tune you should see 470RWHP no problems. Now here's the thing...no matter how great the tune, **** happens. My motor blew after a little over a year. I was ready for that though.

    One thing about the Vortech intercooler. It works good for low boost levels, but if you ever plan to start pushing 15+ lbs of boost, it stops being effecient. The cooler does make the inlet temps lower though on lower boost levels, which of course makes it safer...but it will rob some power because it does rob some boost (1 or 2 lbs). Just an FYI.

    Last thing, tune it with the highest octane gas you can get....mine was tuned on 94 Sunoco gas.
  8. Do you think with the S-Trim and no power pipe I will see less boost? I would like to keep boost and the HP levels conservitive so I don't blow it up right away. The other issue is gas. I live in CA so 91 octane is the best I can get. It looks like right now the safer of the 2 blowers is the SC-Trim but damn I would love to get the S-Trim if I can keep it safe. Thanks.
  9. My S-trim is with stock pulley and no power pipe...12.8 lbs of boost at 6800RPM.

    If you are mainly interested in safety, the SC might be a better choice. I believe stock boost is around 9 or 10 lbs....plus with the intercooler you would see safer inlet temps.

    Further, go with the 03 Cobra MAF and injectors (they say 39 lbs, they are really 42 lbs), and to keep the fuel presure safe and keep the a/f safe, go with the 03 Cobra dual pumps and tank. The boost-a-pump in addition to this may be a good idea....

    If you keep the timing out of the car (13-15 degrees timing) and the a/f around 12 to 1, the car would be very safe. Because of the intercooler I would guess your boost to be around 9 lbs, and power around 410-430RWHP. Strictly a guess...maybe less due to the 91 octane gas and no long tubes.

    Bottom line, if safety is the main issue....go with the SC-trim and the intercooler. :nice: Oh, you will have to get ride of your current MAF and put the stock pulleys back on the car.
  10. Thanks for the input. I will probably go with the SC for now but when I do the rebuild will upgrade to the GT impeller.
  11. Probably a good idea.....and you can just sent the blower back to Vortech to have them upgrade it to the S-trim.

    BTW, you will want some sticky tires to really enjoy the power in 1st and 2nd gear with your 4.10's. Then good luck to your IRS...then the tranny :D

    J/k....but it always seems that when you upgrade one thing, another thing breaks.
  12. 99svt addict,

    Sorry to sabotage the thread, but I am contemplating 4:10's or 4:30's in my 03 Cobra. I am going to run street tires and right now, I am at 385rwhp. How do you think my IRS will handle the steeper gears? Peace!
  13. Not my thread....not sure on your question. You have the 03 Cobra, so you have down low torque and a much better IRS than I ever had. But from friends that have 03 Cobra's, you should have no problems with sticky tires if you are worried about breaking the IRS. I know people running 315 DR's out back with no issues. As far as gears, I think your T56 has a 2.66 first gear (my Viper T56 does anyway). If that's the case, 4.10's should work great. I think 4.30's would be too much. I'm thinking that because 1st gear might be useless, and also (if I'm wrong, correct me) the 03+'s don't rev up to 6800RPM....so you might have too much gear in the 1/4 mile and would have to shift to 5th. Again, not sure as our cars act in two different ways. :nice:

    Oh, and as for street tires....man, you are just going to put those up in smoke with either gear...you need some Nitto's drags at least. :flag:
  14. Yeah I have a set of BFG Drag Radials that I use now when I race. Also are you running the V2 (Quite) or the V-1 on your S-Trim. I want to go with the V-1 SC but I wish I had some sound clips to comapre them. I do love a nice blower wine though.
  15. think about a kenne bell 1700 bro. 6 psi nets 426 rwhp on a stock 99 cobra with a very conservative tune and you achieve max boost at 2000. Add long tube headers and exhaust and you've got 450 rwhp at 6 psi. Safe as safe can be....that's the route I am taking
  16. I like Kenny Bell but I don't want to pay for their high price tag.
  17. I have the V2 version....you can hear it at idle and if you rev it a couple of grand....sounds like a bad alternator or something. NOTHING like the sound you would get out of the V1 version. I buddy of mine has a Paxton and you can hear that blower whine from down the street sometimes.