99-04 2v paxton novi2000

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Justin1345mcs77, May 6, 2010.

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  1. 99-04 2v paxton novi2000 **NEW PRICE $1750**

    complete kit for sale with SCT tuner! used with only about 5k miles on it
    one or two bolts missing and you will need a bigger belt from autozone
    new price $1750 i need the money asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sale pending at 2200 plus shipping ..unless I get a better offer should be sold by Thursday
  3. Let me know if it doesn't sale.
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    :shrug:the guy is lagging on sending me money and cant get ahold of him...
    so at this point still for sale..
    call me at 562 686 3001 if your interested
  5. I'm still interested. But I'll have to check into the funding. Let me see what I can do & we will go from there.
  6. still have! someone pick it up
  7. any trade offers? i need to sell to get a daialy driver
  8. d

    bump!! 2k...
  9. new price $1900
    or 1800+shortty headers

  10. Still waiting for pics. Might be really interested in this!
  11. update: just recieved a 250 to hold it till next week! so pretty much sold at this point!
  12. the supercharger kit is back up for sale! the guy backed out:( i need the money to fix my timing chain guides that are shot!
  13. need $ asap!!! $1900 will give you a free 99-04 fiberglass hood brand new if your local that i paid $350 for anyone on stangnet
    call me/txt 562 686 3001
    located in OC
  14. you should post some pics. will this work on a 4.6 sohc?
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    yes 99-04 sohc 2v
    email/txt me for pictures
    [email protected]
    562 686 3001

    come on this is a great deal for someone!! i need the $ or i would put it on:(
  16. new price

    $1750 as is!!!!! come get it! will include SCT tuner free! need $
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