99-04 Cobra parts, cervinis, airbags, 03 bumper S.ind

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  1. Ive got several parts for sale lets start with the hood ive got a 2it.5 inch i believe maybe 3 but it is a cervinis cowl hood its in great shape its not a cheap knock off its straight and in great shape ill take 200 obo, Ive got a set of tan 99 cobra airbags they are in great shape no cuts scrapes or stains ill take 400.00 for the set, ive also got a 03 cobra rear bumper cover its been repaired and got a small scrape in the paint but it looks good ill take 125.00 for it ive got an entire 99 cobra im parting out so if you need any parts interior or exterior wise call or text me as I dont get on here much anymore. The engine, trans, wiring harness, and rear end are not for sale im using them and just need to part the rest of the car as its a scrap title.. but all the parts are in great shape and no damage to any of it... Its red in color by the way.. you can reach me at 812-653-1692 if theres no answer leave a voicemail and ill be happy to answer any inquiries or questions..Im located in Paoli Indiana 47454 thanks for looking
  2. still got all the parts guys let me know offers or trades..
  3. mustang parts

    how much for both headlight assemblies
  4. I forgot to mention the headlight assy. they are smoked and in great shaped ill take 75.00 plus shipping for both assemblies.. just give me a call or text via cell for a faster response.
  6. Got any pics of dat hood. How much shipped to NJ 08361.
  7. is that 03 cobra bumper still available? if yes can you send pics to [email protected] and how much shipped to 33132? Thanks
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