99-04 Common Issues

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  1. +1 on the seatbelt and BAD COP. i just got done replacing one after doing a DIAG at the stealership.
  2. Even my 98 GT does this, and it has had a full tune up short of replacing the coil packs. My 97 did it too, and I never did fix it.
  3. x2 on that one... it's a pretty weak mechanism and requires hand feeding to get back in there.

    Also, the stock clutch pedal placement and ridiculously long throw pissed me off so much that I have already replaced the quadrant with an MM aluminum quadrant and firewall adjuster... it's 100% better now. $75 well spent. I've had the car 2 weeks to the day.
  4. My only issue is its hard to drive with 3 hot babes in the car all the time. Im 6'3 and moving the seat up makes it hard to drive. Thats my only issue so far.
  5. Thanks to all for the input. Has anyone ever had any issues with the timing chain tensioner failing or wearing out and causing damage to the engine? And what signs would one notice before it fails? Thanks.
  6. Only seems to happen in the panther forums.
  7. Huh? Panther forums? Dont understand the humor of that one. Myself and others were wondering the signs of the timing chain tensioner about to fail.
  8. The "Panther" comment was in reference to the chassis that the 79-present Crown Vic/Marquis are built on. I'm guessing he means that it only seems to be those guys that experience any sort of timing chain tensioner failure.
  9. Bad throw out bearing from what I hear.....shifter humming while driving.
    week seatbelts.
    crappy headlights, more so on 99-01
  10. Im 6'3 and a half, and I keep the seat reclined way back.
    Non retracting seat belts are a **** and that damn hard start when she's hot.

    Otherwise, I love my GT:flag::nice::nice:
  11. Dont forget that craptastic 6 disk CD player that eats CD and says its empty when it full.
  12. Owned my 99 GT since day one....here are the issues I've had.

    about a month in, had a faulty fuse replaced. caused the car to not crank after turning off.(warranty)
    Windshield wipers working by themselves. Replaced stalk(warranty)
    Headlights hazed(fixed myself)
    Anti theft system would not allow car to crank in temps below 65 degrees.($50.00 part)

    Thats it in 10+ years. (69,000 miles)

    Never had an issue with the intake cracking..fingers crossed.

  13. My boss' car done that. Is there a fix for it, or are the radios shot once this happens?
  14. the radio works fine, I usually stick a credit card in and pop the cd out, although its usually in a different number then what I put it in. Sometimes it holds a cds for weeks, and will not even play.
    One time I think i was yelling at it and a lighty hit the CD player and it shot 5 CDs out at me so fast it was creepy lol
  15. This thread has brought me great relief. I too experience the "stumbling" @ 2K rpm or so. I thought that it might have been my tranny slipping (4R70W). I feel so much better now :)
  16. I'm still wondering is there a fix for this, or is it damaging anything in any way.
  17. Only issue is with all V8 mustangs, they tend to lighten the wallet due to modifactions and accessive WOT runs :).
  18. Thanks everyone for the input.
  19. On the spark plug launching outta the heads issue, i've got 114k miles on my stock mill, and everythings still strong. and she hasn't had an easy life. Can i expect this? lol Oh, and i've heard a million and a half 4six's in trucks and big cars and other stangs that after they've gotten cold, and you start em up, they make this nasty knockin noise for about the first 5 seconds of running. and some of these vehicles have less miles and have been treated better than mine. Whats up with that? :shrug: the only thing on my car that makes a nasty noise is the throw-out bearing after it gets warmed up.
  20. I'm pretty sure the "nasty knockin noise" is piston slap, and it is just the pistons being loose in the bore when cold. Diesel trucks do that on day 1, and run for a million miles and more that way. Lots of LS1 owners had the same complaint, and why some do it and other don't we'll probably never know. But I haven't heard a single report of engine failure down the road from some piston slap at start-up.