99-04 Front Left Seatbelt In A 98 Gt?

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  1. Anyone know if the driver seatbelt from a 99-04 Mustang will bolt into a 98 GT?

    My left from seatbelt retractor is fragged...which is causing the belt itself to fray....and FORD no longer sells the replacement retractor for the 98 GT.

    ...and if I'm gonna pay $125 for a used 98 seatbelt...I rather buy a new one (99-04) if it's a bolt on...no mod...seatbelt.

    I've read that the 99-04 seatbelt attaches to the seat frame instead of the floorboard...but is that JUST the buckle/release side (right side of the seat)? If so, can I leave the buckle for the 98 in place, and bolt in the new seatbelt, and continue to use the old buckle?

    Any help??
  2. I'd imagine they would work. Be the first to try and let us know. Sorry I'm not more helpful I've never seen the bolt pattern of both of them side by side. Are you going to a junk yard to get one? If so just unbolt one from 96-98 and 99-04 and compare
  3. I'll have access to 3 99-04 Mustangs later this evening. I'll take a look at them and let you know what I find.
  4. Nope sorry the 99-04 won't fit the 98 inserts. I swapped in a set of 04 cobra seats and I was hoping to use the 04 seat belt release but the 98 belt wouldn't fit in the slot.

    Only option is to stay all 98 or covert both to 99-04.