99-04 Roush Stage 3 Wing, Gt Side Skirts, Cobra R Fr Bumper Cover

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  1. I have had these parts in my basement for way too long now... considering my 03GT has long been sold. I need to move these parts if I can. I am open to offers.

    - New - Roush Stage 3 Wing and all hardware. Mint condition, hasn't even been painted. $175

    - Used - Side skirts and extensions from my 03GT. Mint condition. Black. $Make an offer

    - Used - Cobra R FR bumper cover - Cervinis (not OEM). Black. Needs a little repair. Not too major, can send pics to explain better. $Make an offer

    [email protected]

    Slide1.JPG Slide2.JPG Slide3.JPG Slide4.JPG
  2. Willing to make a great deal on the package... there is roughly $1000 worth of parts here... I'll sell for $350 + the ride just so I don't have to see it sitting in the way any more. I am willing to work out delivery if you are reasonably close to central AL (a.k.a: I'll drive 1.5-2 hours to meet).
  3. Are the side skirts stock? Do you still have the Roush Wing? Im in Birmingham
  4. Yes, side skirts are stock and in perfect condition. All parts still available. I am only about 30 min out of Birmingham.
  5. Anything left? Im in Biloxi...
  6. Yes, currently everything is still available. There is someone interested in the package deal from Florida... but he hasn't committed to buying yet. We have just been chatting back and forth through email.
  7. front bumper still available?
  8. upload_2015-5-23_0-33-18.png
  9. alil late i see. ha im new to doin this so thanks for the notice

  10. Generally if they don't have the thread tags, they're expired or invalid. You'll see that most of the good ones have a FOR SALE, EXPIRED, or SOLD tag next to the thread name. Everything that doesn't is likely several years old.
Thread Status:
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