99-04 SALEEN S281 - General Questions ...........


New Member
Aug 18, 2020
Memphis, TN 38117, USA
I have some General Questions for the 99 - 04 era S281 Saleens please:

1. Regarding the Tonneau Cover - will this "Easily" fit in the Trunk of the car?
2. Regarding the Tonneau Cover - What is the name of the Piece of Plexi-Glass / Glass that fits between the Rollbar and the Tonneau Cover that acts as a "Windshield / Blocker" ?
3. Lastly please, What could I expect to pay for a Supercharger, in a Worse Case scenario that I'd have to get it replaced ( Total for Parts and Labor )?

Thanks so much for everyone's time and help - I'm in the Market to buy a Saleen, and just want to get a bit more Information before I make the Purchase!!
Thanks again
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