For Sale 99 35th anniversary for sale


Oct 21, 2006
My legit 99, 35th anniversary mustang in torch red. I've owned this car for 16 years and believe that I'm the second owner.
The car has 84K miles on it
KB supercharger
03 Cobra IRS
aluminum SPEC flywheel and king cobra clutch
Steeda subframe connectors, shifter and springs
Tokico shocks
Cobra (non R) brakes
Dyno sheet is pre intercooler
and this I replaced the entire A/C system, evap, heater core, fan, condenser and compressor, if oyu've ever doen this you know what a massive PITA it is.
Also spare T45, and all the parts to change it back to stock, except the diff, including the unobtainable 17in wheels, and shift knob and facia
this car is ultra dependable and I used to drive it up to my folks in the Appalachians from Florida a couple times per year
Webster, Fl









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