35th Anniv 99 35th anniversary limited edition fake?

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  1. Hey there! I'm sorry if this has been asked already... I'm sure it has but I did a few searches and couldnt come up with an answer.

    My husband and I (I'm posting under his username) are looking at purchasing a 99 Mustang GT, it isnt being advertised as a limited edition but has quite a few of the cosmetic features the limited editions had. It has the two tone silver leather seats, it is silver in color ( a coupe ) has the hood scoop with black hood decal, the honeycomb insert between the tail lights, the silver instrument cluster, silver inserts in the door... it doesnt have the limited edition wheels (I think it has a set of torque thrust wheels) or the side scoops? I'm wondering if there is a way to know whether or not this is a limited edition. I do have access to the vin#.

    The car is about a 3.5 hour drive away so I'm not able to look behind the headlights (I read somewhere that there is a buck tag there stating whether or not it is a limited) Is there a way of knowing just by checking the vin#?

    The car has had aftermarket ground effects added, and side exhaust, so I wouldnt be surprised if the limited edition look had been added as well? Isnt there some sort of a kit you can buy?

    My dad purchased a 99 limited edition performance red convertible (he still has it) and it seems like I remember him being disappointed that items from the limited edition package were being sold.

    anyhow- It has been AGES since I've posted on stangnet... maybe like 7 years ago? :) I've owned an 88lx convertible 5.0 and a 91 mustang gt convertible. Had to sell the 91 a few years ago, and we're excited to possibly join the mustang family again!! :)

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  2. more pictures....

    can i really only attach 2 at a time? :)

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  3. the last 2! :)

    p.s. does anyone recognize the ground effects kit they installed?

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  4. I just found a post where you were able to determine whether or not a 99 was a LE, so I'm going to throw this vin# out there. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!! :)


    we really do love the car, and will probably get it whether it is or not... a drive around the block might help us make the final decision! ;)

  5. I checked the VIN# and yes its a real 35th "Limited Edition" GT. Its #1888 of 4,628 according to VIN sequence.

    Although its a nice looking "LE" GT, its a real shame they changed the car so much from its original look. The side scoops have been replaced and could be replaced with originals just as easy. Are the ground effects just added or were the unique rockers removed? I'm sure its hard to tell without looking at it.
    The interior is correct at least.
    The wheels are huge part of the "LE" but I'm sure they are long since sold.

    Good luck, hope it works out for you.

  6. Seems to be a Roush kit, but i could be wrong.
  7. Wow! Thanks so much for checking. :) I have to agree that it is a real shame that the key parts were modified. My dad has kept his pretty stock, always garaged, and suuuper low miles. He did put on a new set of wheels, but the originals are stacked neatly in the garage.

    I've been checking kelly blue book for a value on the car, but it doesnt even have an option for the LE package. It has 110,000 miles, what would you expect to pay with the modifications? It seems really hard to put a value on a limited edition car that has had been altered.

    Thanks so much for your help Jason!

  8. Nice that your Dad has kept his too, I am an original owner too! I do have just a tad over 71,000 on mine(which I consider low for a 12 yr old car) but there are some with less out there for sure.

    You could always steal his wheels! :D

    110,000 on a standard 99 GT is about $5500, but I think a "LE" would bring a little more.....but as you said they did not list it as such. I would not pay more than $6500. What were they asking?

    There was one used car site that listed the "LE" seperately from the standard GT, but I cannot remember which one. Maybe someone on here came chime in and help us.

    Good luck,
  9. Thanks! You've been so helpful. :)

    I have totally considered stealing his wheels! In fact my husband mentioned that idea this morning... ;) My dad would totally NOT go for that! I'll have to get his vin# so you can look up the production # I'm sure he would love to know that info. :)

    They are asking 7,599. So, it looks like they should definitely come down on the price some...

    I also consider 71,000 low for a 99! :)

    If I could pester you with one more question... there is also a 2004 yellow GT, with 70,000 miles, and black leather for sale. The guy is asking 6,500 for it WITH a salvage title. My husband used to do auto body work, he's looked it over and the body appears to be straight. It started up and ran just fine... but the salvage title really bothers me. After doing some research I'm finding out that you can expect to pay up to 50% less then the value of a car with a salvage title. It seems like it may be a good deal, he is even willing to take a pratically worthless 99 grand prix off our hands as a part trade, bringing the cost down to 5,500. I've heard it can sometimes be hard to insure a car with a salvage title.

    Personally after seeing the 99, we would much rather go that route... but I am curious to know what other people's experience with salvage titles have been.
  10. I'd be glad to look up your Dad's GT VIN, really surprised he hasn't already. As for the price on the "LE", that is a tad high, but if its super clean(top to bottom) $7000 would be my max. But its up to you and what your comfortable with and take into consideration location...some area have better car value than others. I did notice the drivers seat seems a little mushy looking, not unusual for a 110,000 miles car, but the leather looks fair to good shape. Thats the first thing I look at on these cars, if the driver's seat is in good shape, chances are the car is too. Means the owner cared for it some fashion.
    As for the 04 GT, I get the heebie-jeebies when someone mentions a salvage title, it could be minor damage, but who knows.
    I would be wary.

    my .02

  11. Hey! Stangnet re-opened my username for me, yay! Now I dont HAVE to post under the husbands profile... unless I want to be ornery. ;)

    Thanks for the input. I think we may try to take a drive on friday to look at the 99. I see your point about the seat, that is actually really good advice!

    Oh- and I think that is what I'm feeling... the heebie jeebies! I'm just going to try and steer (pun intended) clear of it.

    A little off topic, but would you like to see a picture of my last mustang? It was so hard selling it... would actually love to buy it back, but I havent been able to track it back down, and it may be a bit depressing to find now... these pictures were taken just before the new owner towed it away. They were from Montanna. They trailered the car all the way back. It was SO hard to see him go. :( I sank about 5,000 into the car during the 7 years I owned it. While working at my local chevrolet dealership. The salesman would always tease me about trading it in for a camaro. Which was really funny, when they quit making the camaro! I had fun with that. :)

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  12. Nice FOX...I love 'em especially the 4 eyed versions. I have always wanted an 84 GT w/t-tops (silver preferbly). One of my fondest memories was getting to drive a black on red 88 GT vert one entire day. My mother sold cars and the owner of the dealership let me take the GT out for a day. It was february but i dropped the top anyway. That only increased my desire for Mustangs in general. i burned an entire tank of gas(it was probably .92 per gallon back then.

  13. I agree that their asking price is a bit high for an aftermarket body kit & wheels. For reference I paid $7100 for my '99 LE 'vert 5-speed with 60k miles on it last fall. Granted mine was customized a bit (silver inserts dyed red(now back to silver!) & light bar installed.

    If you go to NADA Guides Classic Cars to this link you will see the "trim note" (*) for the LE package

    1999 Ford Mustang GT 2 Door Convertible (*) Prices, Values & Specs - NADAguides

    Good luck with the purchase!
  14. Thanks so much for the comments Vorhees... appreciate that! :) I've also loved the 84 models! You definitely don't see as many "nice" ones in that body style, so I think that makes me appreciate them even more. :)

    6T9_CHARGER_RT- Thank you for the advice/opinion it helped us make a decision. The fact that it was a 3 hour drive away also kinda helped! :) We ended up buying a 2001 GT Convertible 6 speed (had the conversion done by original owner) triple black, with aftermarket rims, k&N cold air intake, styling bar, and a 7" dvd/cd player, and aftermarket exhaust for 6,500. Kelly Blue book I think quoted 8,700 for that year with those miles in excellent condition and I think even at the good condition level we paid less then kelly blue book.

    I've NEVER driven a stick... so I'm learning! Drove it tonight for the first time with my husband's guidance... I think I did fairly good, but I'm nowhere near comfortable yet. Anyhow, I took some pictures and I'm having fun in photoshop... :)

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  15. Wow nice looking ride at a great price! You did well! Enjoy it!
  16. Given the choice I think you did well. I got my LE for a steal a few years ago, ($4500 with 108 k miles), it's a shame they butchered up that LE.

  17. would have loved to see someone so enthusiastic like you get that "LE", but I understand.

    Good luck with the 01 GT! Tell Dad to visit us here!
  18. I also have a 99 GT LE, White Conv, Auto and I've been following several sites and have seen your name several times. I'm still trying to figure out how you get the number of the car by looking at the VIN number. I did find the tag behind my headlight, with some help from the detail guy at my local Ford dealer. Sales manager and shop manager had no idea what I was talking about and didn't even know about the special editions. Anyway, how do I decipher the VIN and/or the tag number to figure out what sequential number mine is? If you need those numbers I will send them back to you.


  19. I have an Excel with just the 4,628 "Limited Edition" VIN's in order from lowest VIN to highest(given to me by the former owner of the 35th registry website - now defunct). Just shoot me your VIN in a PM and I'll look it up for you.

  20. Jason, the VIN is 1FAFP45X3XF211905. The tag behind the headlight appears to have these numbers (I was reading upside down with a mirror so it looks a little confusing) but they appear to be 03P2322 03 X P157 32TH CONV
    Please note and I'm not crazy, I don't think, but the letter P in each of these look to be stamped as backwards 9's and the TH is upside down, as well as the V in CONV. Maybe the direction that I was reading them contributed to some confusion.
    We are the second owners but I'm sure it is one of the special editions because it has all of the extras, including the right color, black/silver seats with Pony emblem, anniversary markings in the speedometer area, honeycomb on rear, hood stencil, floor mats, etc. Thanks for all of your help.