"99+" Chin spoiler DOES fit 94-98

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ChrisXoxide, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. i can't wait to see the results!!!!!!
  2. Ahh beautiful. I need pics but if it looks half as good as the 99+ cars look with them, I'll definately be getting one! Now my front end will scrape all the time instead of "most of the time" :nonono:
  3. Ok guys, here are the pics. My car is filthy from the snow but just take a look at the spoiler. I got it from Chris at www.mustangtuning.com. He hooked me up and he has some great prices. I think the spoiler is less than $50 bucks on the site. Heck of a deal if you ask me. He will hook you up.

  4. I'm gonna get it cleaned up and try to take some more pics.
  5. LOL - Look at that DIRTY car! Hahahahaha. Seriously though, it looks a ton better without all the salt on it making it look "grey".

    Trust me :)
  6. Good lord... your car is filthy *oh you said that already*. Winter sux for that.

    It seems like a decent fit. I think it would look very different on my car -- my car is black. Hmmm... maybe I'll use adobe photoshop now that I have your sample and make me some pictures...
  7. yeah that does look good. even on a filthy nasty car :D

    Question though, does it use the factory brackets that hold that other plastic piece on or do you use rivets or what?
  8. Yeah yeah yeah, i know my car is filthy. Just wait to see it when it is clean.
  9. That looks good.

  10. hmmmm, cant decide if i like it or not, it looks like it fits, but doesnt really follow the curve of the bumper....

    how do they install? rivets or screws into the bumper?
  11. Comes with plastic screws that attach to the bumper.
  12. And as far as how it looks, it really looks horrible in the pictures for some reason but we posted them anyway since this snow isn't melting anytime soon. Its also so cold that washing the car would be almost impossible without having icicle leftovers.

    When we first put it on, and it was clean and not full of salt and ice, it looks a dozen times better.
  13. hmmm, i dunno, i need some more pics, maybe a ground angle shot
  14. looks good :nice:
  15. buy it from Chris's site. its the best price i have ever found. :nice:
  16. hey chris, i'm taking your word that it looks good cleaned up! I bought me one from your site (along with new clear fog light housings). Damn factory ones started retaining water, blowing out bulbs and what not so I drilled a few drain holes on each one then moisture got in there and turned it orange almost in a few weeks time :notnice:

    It's nice and warm down here in alabama. I'll definately be posting some pics of mine when I put it on. :nice:
  17. Looks real good. I'll be ordering one soon. :nice:
  18. Does anyone have pictures of a Silver car with the chin spoiler on it, but painted to match?
  19. I haven't seen any pics of this particular chin spoiler painted but I've seen several cars with the both painted and unpainted shinoda spoiler on there and it's HIDEOUS!! It's way too big and sticks out too far :notnice: