99 cobra dyno'd low

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  1. Took my cobra to the dyno today, And I was extremley disapointed. My only mods are 4.10 gears, and a K&N drop in filter. I was expecing about 270 hp and maybe a little bit less torque. I came away with 245 hp adn 240 tq!!! Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong? It has been suggested that my maf or my throttle body might need to be cleaned? So please help!!!
  2. What type of dyno was it? Also has your car had the fix done to it?
  3. oh yeah. my bad It was on a dynojet and when I called svt they said it had the fix done to it, plus it has all of the signs that it has been done.
  4. was it way lean or rich?
  5. Hmmm, something doesn't sound right - are those SAE numbers? Have you pulled the sparkplugs to check them out? Do you have the dynosheet scanned & can you post them online?
    Additionally, was the car properly dyno'edm (in 4th gear) ? :shrug: Sounds stupid, but hey, it's a possibility - http://www.shane.roberts.net/99dyno.htm

    Also, you may want to check TXSnakeCharmer 's site to manually verify whether or not you have the "post-fix" parts on your snake. It's possible that the previous owner(s) might have tinkered with things after the fix - you never know.


  6. [​IMG] idk if this is going to work i uploaded the pic and i cant figure out how to put it on the post. Imean i uploaded it to stangnet then i dont know what to do next. lol ima n00b
  7. here you go [​IMG] what do you think

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  8. are these numbers corrected? I have read that 4:10's can lower your number a bit, but I can't imagine they would cause that big of a drop. Does your car feel slow? I have yet to dyno mine and I'm nervous that the same is going to happen to me...
  9. Seems very odd.I thought you were doing to say Mustang Dyno since those numbers are lower than the dynojet.

    My 99 post fix, with 4.10s, and before other MODs DYNO'd at 271 RWHP on a DYNOJET.

    I think the spec was 269-272 RWHP for post fix DYNO numbers.

    Find another DYNO and compare for now.

  10. Definatly try to find another dyno shop, and see what happens. Also check your spark plugs and make sure there not all fouled up.
  11. really i just dynoed my 99 and i made 304 horses and 306.7 lbs of torque my air fuel dipped below 12 in between 5.1 thousand rpms and 5.2 it dropped down as low as 11.4 at 5800 rpms that was before my maf sensor
  12. below 12 means its lean right
    if i get a diablo delta chip that should smooth it out???
  13. You have a more serious problem than anything that could be remedied with a chip. Take your car to a different dyno and verify the results. Have them measure your air/fuel ratio.

    How many miles are on the car? Has all the routine maintenance been performed?
  14. a 12:1 A/F is a little rich for an N/A car...usually they like to tune them to around 13:1 or so...
  15. If those numbers are stock then you got one rare horse on you hands! With U/D Pulleys , Bassani Xpipe and exhaust, and shorty headers, my best pull was 296 RWHP.

  16. i checked my airfilter and it was really bad, im just about to check the plugs, the car only has 25,000 miles. Im not sure what else it could be?
  17. i have alot of bolt ons densecharger intake, maf sensor, throttlebody, u/d pullies,
    hi flow cats, cat back exaughst,
    when my car was dynoed i didnt have the aftermarket maf sensor on it
    i noticed 2 days after dyno while i was putting on my maf that my air filter fell off
    would that make more horses
  18. why didnt you go with long tubes
  19. anyone have anymore ideas?
  20. what is horsepower??
    WHat is torque??

    is it better for a car to have more horse power or more torque
    i would think for it to be preety much even would be the best
    but what gives more horses and what gives more torque