99 cobra dyno'd low

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by vennom, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Well, that's a good start. Dirty air filter = restriction. How are those plugs looking? :shrug:
  2. the plugs looked fine in my opinion a little white. but deff not oily or anything. Anouther thing is that the run was made in 3rd gear could that have, made a difference?
  3. that would also explain why the best i can run is a [email protected] and a 5.47 0-60 on a g-tech

  4. Bingo. That's your problem.

    You need to have a "1:1" ratio, or be in 4th gear with your transmission in order to get "legit" dyno results. I'm sure your car is making adequate power. The next time you put it on the dyno, I'm sure you will see better numbers, because of the incorrect testing conditions from your prior dyno...

    See here (TXSnakecharmers's site):

  5. hey venom this might be a little late but ive worked with the dynojets quite alot ur lines on ur dyno sheet are wavy wich tends to tell u something is wrong with ur air or fuel delivery definetely one of the two i hope i was a help other than that keep at it. :nice:
  6. What Was The Outcome?

    I know this was a really old thread, but I'm wondering if my '99 Cobra has similar problems...or is the same one! I just bought it about 2 months ago with around 26k miles on it. My best 1/4 time on a G-Timer is 14.15 @ 104.

    If you're still around, what was the problem?
    And if he's not around anymore, does anyone have any suggestions to lower my time?

    1999 Cobra SVT
    4.10 gears, K & N Cold Air Intake, Ford Motorsports Pulleys, Steeda springs,
    X-pipe exhaust w/ Magnaflows, Tri-ax short throw shifter, Chrome Cobra-R wheels,
    Tires: Nitto NT Extreme 555ZR- 265/35/ZR18 in front, 285/35/ZR18 in back.
  7. That sounds about right. My old 99 made a little over 300 at the wheels and trapped around 105.